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This is my view of the best football talent in the courtry team by team. I have seen all of these teams a # of times and these are the players I like, and are the ones I think could make it in the NFL. Most of the will be able to got and get drafted in the 2003 to 2005 NFL drafts.

(Craphonso Thourpe)-good punt returning prospect but needs to add strenght.
(Adrian McPherson)-a premire running QB, he is super athletic, he just needs some
playing time.
(Greg Jones)-very punishing RB with a lot of room to grow.
(Kendyll Pope)-hard hitting smart linebacker.
(Stanford Samuels)-just needs to learn under that good FSU defensive staff.
(Darnell Dockett)-active DT with speed
(Jeff Womble)-just needs to put on some weight
(Michael Boulware)-one of the premier OLB prospects, super cover LB.
(Bret Williams)-good competitive lineman with leadership skills.
(Ray Willis)-great size and upside at 6-6 280, very athletic.

North Carolina
(Bosley Allen)-very athletic going after a ball in the air.
(Jocques Dumas)-great size at 6-6 248 with a ton of room to grow!
(Sam Aiken)-he is unreal when he goes after a ball, great hands and good speed.

(Marcus Houston)-needs to improve on a lot, but when he does he could be a great
(Chris Brown)-second coming of Eddie George, tall at 6-3 220 with great power and
strenght in the hole, just needs to work on catching out of the backfield.
(Brandon Drumm)-the Jamar Martin of the 2003 draft, but Drumm is better at blocking a
moving target.
(Bobby Purify)-just needs to show he can exploide without a good O-line infront of him.

(Wilson Thomas)-great size at 6-5 and very athletic, just shows that basketball players
make great WR's!
(DeJuan Groce)-in my view he is a better CB than Craver, he is also a good return man.
(Willie Amos)-good SS, FS or CB prospect at 6-0 185.
(Dahrran Diedrick)-just needs to get better at catching the ball and outside running.
(Aaron Golliday)-a hupe TE at 285 with good hands.

(Derrick Strait)-will be a preimier cover corner whenever he comes out.
(Andre Woolfolk)-a very interesting CB at 6-1, and play both ways for OU.
(Tommie Harris)-can be a real animal down low, very strong player.

(Chris Simms)-might easily be the first QB picked when he leaves.
(Roy Williams)-this is just obvious to anyone that has ever seen him, just needs to be
(Nathan Vasher)-good at attacking the ball and running with WR's.
(Sloan Thomas)-might be the second best after Roy on Texas.
(Roderick Babers)-very tough CB for his size, needs work though.
(Cedric Benson)-has super leg strength for his size in the hole.
(Cory Redding)-premier pass rushing DE prospect for 2003.
(Bo Scaife)-is a very good pass catcher for a TE, would be a 1st round pick if he could
(Derrick Johnson)-is better than any LB on Texas in 2001 as a FROSH.

(Justin Gage)-once again a great WR than has basketball skill, might be a midd to late
first round pick.

(Andre Johnson)-big strong WR with strength and speed.
(Ken Dorsey)-he can just lead a team, and just needs to prove he can without the great
O-line of the championship team.
(DJ Williams)-one of the premier ILB prospects, he is very fast and just needs to work on
his tackling.
(Jonathon Vilma)-one of the premier OLB's, he is probably the best hitter in college
(Brett Romberg)-is a great leader and a tough football player.
(Vince Wilfork)-a super DT prospect with unreal size and length, just needs to fill out his
6-2 335 frame, gets great leverage.
(William Joseph)-probably the premier DT in all of college football.

Virginia Tech
(Kevin Jones)-might be the best RB prospect in college football, has great upside.
(Lee Suggs)-only problem is that he has to fight for playing time, but his nose for the
endzone will help him in the draft.

(Benny Sapp)-tough, strong and very confident, all of this equals a good CB prospect.
(Dallas Clark)-a very good reciving TE but is not a good blocker yet.
(CJ Jones)- a good punt returner and has some upside, put may be a gamble.

(Ronald Bellamy)-it is his time to shine now at Michigan, there next good NFL WR
(Marlin Jackson)-could really be something great when he comes out.
(Shantee Orr)-good pass rushing prospect and could play OLB.

Michigan State
(Charles Rogers)-probably the best deep threat to come out since Randy, he has real long
arms and just needs to jump for the ball better, interesting to see how he does against
better coverage this year.

(Dominique Sims)-former Parade All American will soon show his worth and could be a
good FS prospect in 2004!
(Marion Barber)-super quick through the hole and has great toughness for his size, could
be a great pickup for a team.
(Ukee Doizer)-had a good FROSH year and has upside to him at 6-1, very good going to
the ball.
(Mike Lehan)-another 6-0 CB with a good upside to him.
(Jake Kuppe)-big OT at 6-7 325 and has ok movement side to side.
(Ben Utecht)-might be the most complete TE in college football, he is a super deep

Ohio State
(Mike Doss)-easy the best SS prospect in college football.
(Chris Vance)-big WR with good hands and upside.
(Michael Jenkins)-great WR prospect at 6-5 and has great hands and speed, could be a
super player if he develops more.
(Donnie Nickey)-could be a late round pickup at FS, he is a very tough and smart player.
(Lydell Ross)-should great quickness and speed in the hole.

Penn State
(Jimmy Kennedy)-very big player and can be a great run stuffer / pass rushing DT.

(Lee Evans)-can really get up and get a ball, has fantastic hands, not the fastest WR
around but is tough to guard.
(Ben Johnson)-might be the top C prospect, and can play G also.
(Darrin Charles)-great size at 6-6 just needs to work on his 190 frame.
(Scott Starks)-reminds me of the other St Louis boy, Jamar Fletcher with his confidence
and hips.

(John Standeford)-good size at 6-4, is a good rout runner with smarts and hands.

(Brandon Lloyd)-is a great WR prospect long, good hands and speed, plus he has the
confidence to be great.
(Walter Young)-interesting prospect at 6-5 218, could be a good reciving TE.
(Luke Butkus)-super Center prospect and will be a great pick in the 2004 or 2005 draft.

(Albert Means)-has great ability just needs playing time, is a great sleeper DT prospect.

Notre Dame
(Carlyle Holliday)-has ability to play somewhere on Sundays!
(Courtney Watson)-is a tough smart OLB prospect with good athletic ability.
(Mark LeVoir)-he is very athletic for his 6-7 300 lbs size, he even played TE in high

(Samie Parker)-good WR / return man prospect with great speed.
(Onterrio Smith)-super leg strength and is very agile out of the backfield.
(Keenan Howry)-super speed also put need to put on weight, but is very explosive!
(Keith Lewis)-in my view is the premier tackling FS/SS in the draft of 2004, he has
superstar all over him.
(Rasuli Webster)-is a very good SS prospect to, has good size at 210.

(Teyo Johnson)-one of the most interesting prospects to come out in a long time, he is
huge at 6-7 256. But he has ok speed and is really athletic for his size. He could be a
super endzone target for any QB in the NFL.
(Kwame Harris)-very athletic OT at 6-7 320, has good movement.

(Tab Perry)-has great upside at 6-3 and can really run.
(Ricky Manning)-very athletic CB with a good jump onto the ball.
(Matt Ware)-has the size of a FS at 6-3 but has suprisingly good hips for that size!

(Frank Strong)-could be a good OLB if he puts on weight, he can run.
(Carson Palmer)-could be the second best QB in 2003 draft behind Chris, he has good
size and a accurate arm.
(Kareem Kelly)-a good prospect with hands and the ability to return punts.
(Justin Fargus)-could really produce this year and get into the draft, he even ran a 4.3, 40.
(Troy Polamalu)-in a real close second behind Doss, but is probably a better all around
tackler though.
(Shaun Cody)-is a very talented DT for his age.

Oregon State
(Dennis Weathersby)-is a premier CB prospect for 2003.

(Reggie Williams)-will be a very high pick whenever he comes out, has great size and

(Keiwan Ratliff)-is a very fast CB, will take over the starting role that Lito held last year.
(Earnest Graham)-he might be the hardest player to tackle in college football, all he
needs is to stay healthy.
(Taylor Jacobs)-did a good job by staying and will really improve his stock.
(Rex Grossman)-has a great arm and is a competitor that really wants to win!
(Marcus Oquendo-Johnson)-a very explosive OLB with great ability.
(Mike Nattiel)-very active smart LB and just needs to get stronger.
(Max Starks)-could be a premier OT when he comes out, super athletic at 6-8 340
(Jonathan Colon)-tough strong OT that will be a good prospect with time.
(Ian Scott)-gets good push in the pocket and that is always needed.

(David Greene)-has a good upside after great FROSH year.
(Fred Gibson)-once again a super WR prospect that plays D1 basketball.
(Tony Gilbert)-tough strong ILB prospect, he good feel for the game.
(David Jacobs)-is a very smart FROSH, and could develop into a good DT prospect in the

(Jason Witten)-a very good reciver and blocker at TE, he is a rare one with his ability to
catch the ball.
(Kelly Washington)-is a very strong WR with a real big upside, and run and catch with
the best of them.
(Jabari Davis)-just needs playing time that is it!
(Michael Munoz)-is a super OT prospect with a obviously good background.
(John Finlayson)-with those 2 TE they have the best two in college easy, he is a better
blocker though.

(Kindal Moorehead)-has great size at 6-4 283 for a DE, good upside.
(Kenny King)-also a very good prospect at DE.
(Gerald Dixon)-very tough and strong CB prospect.

(Cedric Cobbs)-has great legs strengh and if he has a good year he could be in the top
RB's picked next year.
(Ken Hamlin)-a very big time FS/CB talent, he is a great competitor!
(Lawerence Richardson)-is a very good CB prospect with good speed.

(Karlos Dansby)-very interesting prospect, he is 6-5 218 and is super athletic, he could
play OLB if he gets bigger or he could play FS if he works on his pass coverage, super
(Carlos Rogers)-a really tough competitive CB that has a great future.
(Damon Duval)-is the best kicker to come out since Sebastian, great punter and kicker!
(Carnell Williams)-has a great upside and is a very natural RB.
(Lorenzo Diamond)-he to is a very interesting prospect for a TE, he is big and had good

(Bradie James)-is a super OLB prospect, he has perfect size and instincts.
(Michael Clayton)-other big, tall, fast WR with great hands.
(LaBrandon Toefield)-just needs to stay healthy, he has a lot of skill though.
(Ben Wilkerson)-is a super Center prospect and could be a great one, he is very quick and
strong for a FROSH!
(Marcus Spears)-he is big and fast, a great DE prospect at 6-5 280.
(Marquise Hill)-another great DE prospect with super size.

(Eli Manning)-might have the best smarts of any QB, great throwing mechanics!

Mississippi State
(Mario Haggan)-great competitor that could play ILB or DE.
(Dontae Walker)-just needs a good year as the main back on the team, good size.

(Andre Pinnock)-might be the next TJ because he is 250, but doesn't have TJ's speed.
(Derek Watson)-could be a steal RB pick in the 2003 or 2004 draft, he has a lot of skill.

(Jason Thomas)-great upside and has a good arm, plus his super size.

(Antwoine Sanders)-great FS,CB,or SS prospect, he could be a great one.
(Sheldon Deckart)-has great toughness and smarts on the field, could be a good pickup.

(Byron Leftwitch)-has the size and arm everyone looks for, he is very accurate and could
put himself the #1 QB with a good senior year.
(Darius Watts)-great speed and hands.

Thank you for taking your time to read it.

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follow college football much??:)
Im gonna print that out and save 5 bucks i woulda spent on street and smiths preview. THANX OZZY!!!!:cool:

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Thanks for the complement I think?

All I ask is that you don't go around showing it as your own stuff.
I just put it on here to show you guys what I think are top talent in college football.

I could do the same thing for basketball to.

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Wow, nice list Ozzy!

My favorite team is Nebraska and I think Diedrick has a chance to become the next Ahman Green. He is a very talented player and I expect him to have another great year.....

Wilson Thomas also has a lot to prove this year. We will see if he can use his height and athleticism to become a good receiver.

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it was a complement Ozzy. Nope wont do that it will be for personal use on a lazy saturday afternoon watchin college football... What do u think of Rutgers football this year? Supposedly we are on the way up with second year coach Schiano. We have been so bad for so long I refuse to get excited even tho people in Jersey are saying they may be good this year. We just lost a good RB Rikki Cook who transfered to Virginia...
cant wait for your basketball list.

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So you want a basketball list?

Where should I post it, on the college basketball forum?

And thanks again for the complements!!!

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under new Arizona State
(Solomon Bates)-a great ILB prospect, good speed and is a very smart football player. If he impoves in the next two years he could be the top ILB when he comes out, Great prospect!
(Terrell Suggs)-needs to put on some weight, if he can he could be a top DE prospect, very good athlete.

under Florida State
(Alonzo Jackson)-has the chance to join the line of great DE's from FSU in the NFL.

under Oklahoma
(Jimmy Wilkerson)-great raw strength for his size, he could be a great DT if he just puts on some weight, could be a real good one in 2-3 years.

under Florida
(Shannon Snell)-great strength on the line, is a super run blocker and showed great work ethic by losing 40 lbs since he came to Florida. A top guard prospect in college.

under Nebraska
(Chris Kelsay)-good DE prospect at 6-5 270, just needs to put on some weight, but can follow the line of Grant. W and Kyle. V.
(Dan Waldrop)-probably is a better pass blocker than Fonoti at guard, he to is a very big athletic guard like Fonoti, but with less power.

for new Georgia Tech
(Greg Gathers)-small DT and might be a tweener but this all time leader in sacks a GT could make a name for him self if he gets better at run defense.
(Ricardo Wimbush)-very athletic OLB that is a ok prospect, just needs to work harder.

For new Lousiville
(Dave Ragone)-huge QB at 6-4 240, has a great arm and if Sims and Leftwitch preform bad next season Ragone could be the first QB picked.

For new Texas A&M
(Sammy Davis)-big corner at 6-0, he is a good cover man and can make a tackle when needed, plus he doesn't backdown form any player.
(Ty Warren)-big nasty DT that is great at getting into the pocket, just needs to get better at run defense and holding his position.

under Purdue
(Stuart Schwiegert)-great size for a FS at 6-3 209, he is a tough player and is not affraid to get physical.

under Washington
(Kai Ellis)-super DE pass rushing prospect, if he puts on some weight he could be a great pass rusher in the NFL! He is a really athletic player.
(Rich Alexis)- has unreal skill, could really be great if he gets consistent and stays away from injury, great natural runner.

For new Maryland
(Bruce Perry)-super upside and has good leg strenght. Could really be good if he constently improves in the next 2 years.
(EJ Henderson)-probably the best run defender at ILB in college. He is great against the run and can be a super ILB for any team. He is a preimere ILB for the upcoming draft!

Yeah, I saved that stuff!!

Oh, I talked to aran...; you in? I think me and you should do the college football stuff; we'll leave the fantasy stuff to Aran and his people...

Also, remember when we talked about Dewayne White from Louisville? After our convo, I guess you wanted to add him to the list? I got it, and I'll break down the rest of Louisville:

Dewayne White (DE. An odd shape, at 6-2, 280, but runs a legit 4.5 (I was at Louisville's testing last year; saw it with my own eyes.) and is a total monster on the field. Heart and desire are his best attributes. Was a RB in high school. Looked at as a top 15 pick for 2003, but I see him rising at least into the top ten.)
Dave Ragone (QB. Another guy with a big heart. He has a total cannon. He's better than Chris Redman was. Definite first-rounder in 2003)
Eric Shelton (RB. Was rated the Number 1 prospect in the nation by Athlon last year. Was unhappy at Florida State, and transfered to Louisville. Will sit out this year and be a sophomore in 2003. Showed great promise at FSU, and has great size at 6-3 240)
Anthony Floyd (Safety. Walter Camp All American as a sophomore; didn't put up amazing numbers last year because he was avoided at all costs. Great nose for the ball, so to speak.)
Curry Burns (Safety. Probably a second rounder next year. He's a big hitter; the stick part of Stick & Pick (Burns and Floyd, respectively). He's got the desire to succeed in the NFL.)
Michael Brown (He's a bandit-back. One of, if not my very favorite UofL player ever. He'll have to be a strong safety, but could be a poor man's Adam Archuleta.)

That's Louisville for ya. Also, a couple of notes. Bosley Allen was kicked off of the team at North Carlolina, though I know you wrote that before he was kicked off; just letting everyone else know. Also, I think you underrate Marcus Houston. I can't remember anybody I thought was a better prospect, and in my lifetime of following recruiting and the draft, he's by far my favorite and IMO the best prospect I've ever seen. And, I'll bet anybody anything, this guy wins a Nobel Peace Prize and would be a legit candidate for President. He's that smart. Already has his own charity and does guest speaking, and has visited Africa. And this is a guy that has only played in 3 college football games.


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Yeah that is the rest of the list, I did not have it on my because it was not saved on my computer, Thanks coolhandluke for puting that in there!

I new I forgot something.

I did the same thing for basketball in the amatuer basketball board and the NBA draft board.

To coolhandluke: Do you seriously think all of those players on Louisville will make it to the NFL? If they have that much talent why aren't they in big time bowl games. Because the list you gave makes in look like Louisville has the talent of Texas, or the Florida schools, but I don't think they are up there yet.

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They are up there. I've seen at least five magazines rank them in the top 15 for next year. I even saw one rank them 8th, and one as high as 6th. Last year, they finished in the top 20, and they have all of the important players back, except receiver, where they are much deeper this year.

Why aren't they in major bowls? Because the Conference USA champion is obligated to play in the Liberty Bowl, which is on December 31, and BTW, last year, we smoked BYU in the Liberty Bowl. We've been there the last two years and we've been to a bowl game four or five years in a row. The last big bowl game we went to was the 1991 Fiesta Bowl, where we killed Alabama.

Plus, this year, we'll be even better because our offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, moved on to become the offensive coordinator of the Vikings. The guy is AWFUL, and only got a job because Louisville has so much talent. HE is the reason we lost two games last year. I guarantee he'll get fired before his second season in Minnesota. He's the worst college coach I can ever remember seeing. Wanna know why? Okay, Louisville is ocnsidered a passing team, right? We've got the NCAA's all-time leading receptions guy in Arnold Jackson, who's now with the Arizona Cardinals, second round pick of the Patriots Deion Branch, sure-fire first rounder next year Dave Ragone, All-Conference TE Ronnie Ghent, and a great pass-blocking o-line. What does Linehan do? Last year, we ran the ball 54% (yeah, I did the statistics) of the time. 54%. You know how many YPG on the ground we averaged? Less than 75. We could have passed for 400 yards per game if we ran about 40% of the time, but no, dumbass Linehan wants to run more than pass. He is such an idiot. I can't believe he got a job in the NFL. But I'm glad he's gone!!

Louisville's a consensus top 15 team nationally, and consistently goes to bowl games... I'd say we're for real. It's just that C-USA doesn't get us as much national exposure.

Oh, and BTW, this year, Florida State is the only thing standing between us and an undefeated season. And if there's any time to get a shot at FSU, it's now.

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Oh, and of those players I list above, there's no chance White makes it past the top ten, Ragone will be gone before the end of the first round, Floyd will be gone probably late first-early second, and Burns is a first-day pick next year. Ronnie Ghent, two-time All-Conference TE, could be added for a later prospect. Michael Brown's a tweener, and may not make it. But Eric Shelton was the number one prospect in the nation, and should put up HUGE numbers for us, so I think he'll get a shot. We have a DT named Montavious Stanley, too, that'll be pretty good. And Greg Tinch, a top 50 football and basketball player two years ago, will finally be eligible and could play LB, WR, RB, DE, SS, or CB. He's a monster, wherever he lines up. Abraham Brown, a top five safety in the nation last year, committed to us, along with a few other big prospects. They all have a great shot. I'd say our talent can rival anyone in the countries'.

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I have not seen what Lehan does, but he is not a bad coach. You don't go to the NFL and be a offensive coordinator for nothing, you think they just hire bumbs up there?

The Vikings hired him because he told Mike Tice the ways he would get the ball to Moss. That was the interview, all of it. And he must have had good ways to get the ball to him.

And my quess is Louisville did not pass much last year because they WR's suck? Jackson was ok, but he is a horrible NFL WR, and if that is the best WR form the schools history well? If Ragone had targets to throw to that were good, like Florida or Miami or Texas WR's they would have thrown the ball. But they don't.

And since when is running the ball bad for a offense, it keeps balance in the game and is harder for the defense, also helps in ball control and the clock. The Vikings ran the ball a ton when they broke NFL offensive records, they only difference was the Vikings had talented WR so when they did throw it there was a huge gain. I don't think you would care how much they throw the ball if the WR made big plays like the good ones do. The greatest offensive mind in the in football Steve Spurrier's offense was at its best when they ran the ball and throw the ball
50%---50%, most think it is all chucking it deep with his offense....

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Originally posted by OZZY
(David Greene)-has a good upside after great FROSH year.
(Fred Gibson)-once again a super WR prospect that plays D1 basketball.
(Tony Gilbert)-tough strong ILB prospect, he good feel for the game.
(David Jacobs)-is a very smart FROSH, and could develop into a good DT prospect in the
Don't forget DJ Shockley, he sat out his freshman year and will get some snaps this season. He's a super athletic sophomore QB and I wouldn't be surprised to see Coach Richt implicate a dual QB offense.

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(Derrick Strait 5-11 194 CB)-will be a preimier cover corner whenever he comes out.
(Andre Woolfolk 6-1 175 CB/WR)-a very interesting CB at 6-1, and play both ways for OU.
(Tommie Harris)-can be a real animal down low, very strong player.
(Quentin Griffin 5-7 187 RB)-Great runner. Very tough player. Very sneaky player. Could have a future in the league as a backup RB.
(Antawn Savage 6-0 190 WR)-Play maker. Can catch the long ball and sometimes take the run. Big play reciever. Numbers don't stand out because Oklahoma's QB went down with injury and they run more of a running offense.
(Jason White 6-2 220 QB)-Good player. Very efficient 64.6% completion. Good runner and passer outside of the pocket.

Oklahoma State
(Aso Pogi 6-4 225 QB)-Great size for a passer. Has good running ability. Has improved every year.
(Tatum Bell 5-11 195 RB)-Played pretty well last year. Improved his game as a sophomore. Ran for 776yrds. and 6tds.
(Rashaun Woods 6-2 195 WR)-Great reciever. Very under-rated. Has great hands and speed. Good leaping ability. Has really come along since freshmn year. Caught 80 for 1023yrds. and 10tds.

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OZZY, I really don't think you understand... Did you watch Louisville last year? They had one of the best receiving corps in the country. You're telling me Deion Branch wasn't a great college receiver? First-team all conference, his only two college seasons? What about Ronnie Ghent, who's going for his third straigth All Conference season this year, and may make All America? AJ is the NCAA All Time leading receiver, in receptions. He was one of the all time great college receivers. Then there's Zek Parker, who ESPN touted as the best kick returner in college football, who also was a good receiver. And, about the Miami or Texas thing... did you know that, out of high school, Deion Branch was a huge recruit that committed to Steve Spurrier at Florida? So much for your bad receiver theory... he didn't make the grades and went to JuCo. They have one of the best QBs in the nation. And BTW, their receiving depth this season does rival that of the major schools'. But running the ball? That's a different story. OZZY, come on man, you're smarter than this: 54% of the plays per game were on the ground, after week three. 58 rushing yards a game after week three. The first three games, we threw all the time. Guess what? We won 'em all! Then came the Illinois game, where three out of every four plays were on the ground and we didn't brake even rushing.

If they had hired Linehan a year ago, it would have been a GREAT hiring. But last year, it was like the guy just got stupid or something. I remember games where Cardinal Stadium would erupt into chants of "Throw The Ball, Throw The Ball..." and once there was even a "Fire Linehan" chant going.

The guy knows HOW to get the ball to Randy Moss. But he just might not do it. He was a great offensive coordinator for a few seasons. But nobody can figure out to this day why the hell he stopped passing the ball after week three.

Don't think that I don't know what I'm talking about. I watched every Louisville game last year, and the 6 I saw live, I watched the tape of, as well. I think the Vikings hired him more because of the 2000 season than last year. Last year, I think any casual fan could have called better plays. Not only did he constantly run the ball in the worst of situations, he'd run right to our weak spots on the offensive line because he thought the defense had a weakness there or something. There were two games I can remember off the top of my head that I had to leave the room because in the fourth quarter we had run the ball more than half the plays, and had negative yardage on the ground. LOUISVILLE IS NOT A RUNNING TEAM. Yeah, it's great to have balance and keep the defense honest, don't get me wrong. But when you're not gaining any ground, to keep running the same play to the same spot on the same 2nd and 10's, is just STUPID.

Know what? You know how to contact me. Try to get ahold of a Louisville tape from late last year of a close game. I might even be able to mail you one, if I haven't recorded over that stuff. Watch the tape. Then come on this board and tell me you weren't running around screaming "YOU IDIOT" at the TV, at Linehan. It's like he didn't even notice that the ground game wasn't going anywhere, and didn't have any hope to.

Maybe the NFL doesn't hire bums. Just people with learning disorders.

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Ok you are obviously a great Louisville fan, but blaming the offensive coordinator for a teams losing is not right, especially when the offensive coordinator did not do anything
wrong. But if he had a bad year, ok, I think offensive coordinators are alowed some failure once in a while. And no I have not seen one if any Louisville games, remember I don’t have
ESPN and I live in Minnesota.

But you can’t be serious saying Louisville WR’s are any where near Texas and Florida etc. They are probably great college WR’s but I’m looking at it form a NFL stand point. I still would not take Louisville WR’s over the ones on Florida and Texas, heck Florida is in a down year for WR’s but I still would take them over Louisville’s any day.

On the fact that you don’t think Louisville throws the ball enough, answer these questions.

How much do you think the great Florida offense threw the ball last year? On Louisville Ragone threw it 385 times and completed 60%. On Florida with Rex he threw it 395 times completing 65%, not to big of difference to me! Now you are going to say Florida has two QB’s, but Berlin on threw it 60 times, and most of them where in a blow out where teams would usually run the ball but Steve threw it to get him some work out of
BUT the big stat here is that Rex had 3869 yards passing on 395 attempts averaging 9.8 yard a completion. But Ragone had around 3050 yards passing on 385 attempts and that comes out to a average of 7.9 yards a throw.

So it is not always how much you throw, but instead who you are throwing to. And to me Louisville doesn’t have the game breakers needed but Florida, Texas etc do. Maybe that is why you want them to throw it more, I don’t know? But to me any great offense needs to run the ball, not matter if the get yards or not, you have to stay balanced. That is my view.


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I'll just say this: It's something you'd have to see. I mean, yeah, I would support them running the ball half the time, even if it wasn't doing much. But seriously, there are situations where we'll run the ball, in the fourth quarter, down by two, on a second-and-eight, right up the middle. One yard loss. Keeping a defense honest is one thing. But it honestly looked like the offensive coordinator thought that the yards we got in the air came on the ground, and the yards on the ground were what we were getting passing. It's the situations we ran in that made me the maddest. Stats really don't show this, though I will try to get some later, but it's just something you'd have to see. Really. Oh, and by the way, Louisville plays in C-USA. Their receivers of that league are like what Florida's are to the SEC. We ALWAYS have good receivers. And lately, we've been beating bigger schools out for them. For example, last year, QB Justin Rascati had an offer from Florida on the table, and he came to Louisville. He'll never even play for us. And, another example, top 5 safety Abraham Brown, from Jacksonville, had offers from every big school, including Miami, and he came to Louisville. Eric Shelton, who had committed to Florida State, and was the number one prospect in the nation by Athlon last year, transferred to Louisville. Chad Jorgensen, a TE from Texas, turned down Texas A&M for Louisville. We're not at the level of teams like that YET, but you can't say that we don't have the tools to run any kind of offense we want, in our conference, and be successful. And, another thing, you say we don't have the gamebreakers of Florida, Texas, etc. Well, no other teams in the country do, either. But we don't have the running backs of any mediocre team. Our backs are awful. Before, though everybody considered us a passing team, we ran 50% of the time. We had guys like Frank Moreau (another good college player; fourth-round draft pick) or Rafael Cooper (with the Titans now) or LeRoy Collins (my favorite of the three, playing in Canada, I think) to get us 75 yards a game. That was keeping the defense honest. But this year, we didn't have anybody like that. Next year, we will, because Lionel Gates will be done with his redshirt year and should be an absolute stud; maybe the best Louisville back ever, is what the coaches have been saying. But this year, it got to the point mid-season where we would run the ball 50% of the time, and instead of keeping the defense honest, the defense would only put 6 in the box and LET us run all day. We still never gained any yards. We rushed for like 200something yards against Central Connecticut State. If you take away that game, we average about 40 yards on 35 carries a game on the ground. We weren't keeping the defense honest, we were giving away downs. I mean, I totally support running sometimes. But when you have a future first-round pick at QB, a two-time All Conference TE that really can't block for anything, a WR that was drafted in the second round, the nation's all-time receptions leader, and a playmaker that was touted by Lee Corso as the top return man in college, you throw the damn ball as often as you can. I mean, you do have to run to keep the defense honest. But do you really think that you should KEEP running, to the point that you run more than you throw, and STILL aren't gaining any yards? In the fourth quarter, second and eight, close game... do you run there? Third and five, same situation... do you run there? Scott Linehan does. I wish him well in the NFL, but I'm really glad somebody other than Louisville hired him.

You know how into football I am. And you know I'm a lineman, so I LOVE the running game. I even like to watch a good run game, unlike a lot of casual fans. And I certainly understand keeping a defense honest. But when it gets to the point where even I am frustrated and yelling at the TV, STOP RUNNING!!, it's gotten to the point where they're forcing it too much.

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Ozzy JMO but if you are going to add some incoming freshman on your list then you should add UVa

Here are thier top players

Ahmed Brooks- Top Outside LB prospect in the country and in the 3-4 he should average about 10 sacks a year from his sophemore to Senior year

Kia Parhamn-Another top LB prospect who will play on the inside and could be a Kendrell Bell type player

Micheal Johnson- One of the Fastest RBs in the nation and the next great RB from UVA following behind Tiki Barber and Thomas Jones

Billy McMullen- he is a Sr. and IMO he is a top 10 WR in college football he is 6'4 can jump out of the gym and catch everything. A 2nd or 3rd Rd pick next year

Angelo Crowell- Another top LB but he is also a SR. this year and another top 10 guy at his postion in College Football. He had 144 Tackles last year an wouldn't be suprised if he got 180 next year

Thats JMO and hope you add them to your list

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Ozzy JMO but if you are going to add some incoming freshman on your list then you should add UVa

Here are thier top players

Ahmed Brooks- Top Outside LB prospect in the country and in the 3-4 he should average about 10 sacks a year from his sophemore to Senior year

Kia Parhamn-Another top LB prospect who will play on the inside and could be a Kendrell Bell type player

Micheal Johnson- One of the Fastest RBs in the nation and the next great RB from UVA following behind Tiki Barber and Thomas Jones

Billy McMullen- he is a Sr. and IMO he is a top 10 WR in college football he is 6'4 can jump out of the gym and catch everything. A 2nd or 3rd Rd pick next year

Angelo Crowell- Another top LB but he is also a SR. this year and another top 10 guy at his postion in College Football. He had 144 Tackles last year an wouldn't be suprised if he got 180 next year

Thats JMO and hope you add them to your list

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First off I heard that Brooks on Virginia is not going to play next year for there football team. And the others I need to see them more to make sure, I have not got to see them much.
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