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Originally posted by <b>STING</b>!
Things look great for the Bulls!!! They have two lottery picked rookies with alot of potential, one of the premiere shooting guards in the league, and the #2 pick in this years draft!!!

Things look kind of scary for the Bulls, they have alot of young talent, but will it be wasted with no mentor? What if their talented youth go nowhere and end up as immature as Randy Moss in Minnesota?

Things have more uncertanty for the Bulls than any other team right now. I would go somewhere in between those first two statements. I think they have alot of potential to be great again, but I think if they had a player like Stockton, or Malone, or Jordan, or even a player like Camby, just SOMEONE that HAS been a great, to add to their team. Once they do that, the sky is the limit for the Bulls.:)
what about pippen?
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