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It didn't hurt that you beat Clempson, and pummeled Marquette.
You'll get another chance in a couple weeks with ranked UConn, and Virg Tech, both on ESPN2.
Right, but in the last 20 years, we beat a handful of ranked teams, won two A-10 titles, and got like a casual mention.

On Sunday, we had a halftime preview of our game for all the other ESPN games; halftime recap for all the games, 60 second studio talk on us each time. On Friday, my office wall has 4 TVs on it. We had them tuned to ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU, and at one point, we hit the ESPN Trifecta: All three networks showing/talking about us at the same time, three different segments.

ESPN picks a couple things, and only talks about those things. And talks about them so much you cannot escape those topics if you're a sports fan. We were one of those topics while playing in Charleston.
401 - 412 of 412 Posts