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Since we constantly blow leads or end up getting blown out of games on a regular basis this year, does anyone think this is a cause for concern coming into this summer. We really need to get someone who can keep this team calm and not let them break down in the crunch. Last year we had AD, so if we can't get him back, who is available that can help this team.

Oh, and as far as late-game collapses, we're talking about guys like Gordon, Hinrich, Deng, Duhon, Chandler, and litterally the entire teams just going dead on both sides of the court. It seems like they just stop playing smart basketball and revert to slapping around every guy that gets in their way, and they constantly try to toss around the ball to get fouled, and lose it in traffic. Completely pointless, and this has to be stopped by getting some players in the summer who can actually take care of the ball.

Anyone else think this could be a concern if this team can't get it together? (not this season, but next year, when we're supposedly going to become championship contenders.) Isn't this a problem just like our frontcourt holes?
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