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Has anyone noticed that the chicago bulls are one of the most not in shape team in the NBA? Just looking at the Clippers last night i had to notice how much work did Maggete and Q did to there bodies and not suprisingley have improved each year, maggete is a statue of a man and torched the bulls last night, Q went from a pudgy kid when he was drafted to a well in shape player who will have more rebound in a season then Eddy Curry will have in his carrer. Wilcox, Kaman, Brand, Jaric all have made there bodies better. Brand is one hell of a player on both sides of the court he blocked a number of shots and played great,
AS for the bulls, Tyson Chandler is so underweight and has some of the skinnyest legs in the NBA maybe equaling tayshaun Prince. Eddy Curry and Jamal Crawford instead of working out all summer long played streetball with Jay-z, Jamal is a 6'5 combo guard that failed at the pg cause he could not post any pg in the league. Eddy has regressed as a player and one has to wonder if he will ever string together a solid week of good b-ball. Hinrich needs to beef up abit, fizer was once a statue of a man is having weight problems, Erob cant stay healthy and has weak arms and skinny legs, is just me or is it that our 2 most consistent players are our most physically in shape ones Davis and JYD? MJ and PIP at there very best where in unbeliveable Shape, now iam not saying that physical strenght and conditioning is what makes you a great player cause AI,Shaq,Duncan,Kidd, and others are not in the best physical shape, but look at Kobe,Tmac,KG,Carter,J-oneal,Franchise,Even ron Artest. these players are in top shape and have goten bigger and stronger each year and surprise they have also improved there game.
Can you guys sit there and tell me that 20 pounds of muscle for Tyson Chandler would not help him out a bit, or More strenght for Craw and Curry would not help. Curry needs to turn that body fat into Muscle, lebron james sure he came out straight from high school and is performing better then curry,chandler,kobe,tmac, ever did in there first year dont you think that his NBA ready Body has anything to do with his early succes, Carmelo Anthony came out of college and some of you guys called him marshmello, well hes been working hard and hes right there breathing on lebrons neck for rookie of the year.

So this summer the bulls are really gonna need to work hard and grow into there frames. Do you guys remember how skinny Lamar Odom was as a rook, now hes built and is playing at an allstar level. But in all honesty can you guys tell me that physical conditioning and having a good strong body doest help your NBA game?
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