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The burning question

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With all the talk about steroids in sport at the moment, I'd like to pose the question... is Shaq on steroids?

Alternatively, I'd like to pose this question. Is he just a big fat *****?

Just kidding. Gotta respect Shaq's game even if you don't like it, just for the sheer power. Still, maybe he's a big fat ***** on steroids. There is some definition to that fat.

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I dont think Shaq is on steroids. If he was he would have gotten huge very quickly his size has gradually increased over the years.
The problem with shaq is that his entire game is based on his physical stature and not skill.

Sooner or later there will come along another player bigger or same size as shaq that will have some real post moves (other than a jump hook in the lane/baseline) and a 15-20 foot jumper that will make everyone forget about shaq. I hope Yao Ming is that person, but I am biased:cool:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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