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After watching the first 13 games it seems to me Coach Karl is still trying to put the pieces of this Nuggets team/puzzle together. He was open and candid when he explained that Nene's injury would change the make up of how this team plays.

First part of the puzzle:

We have 3 point guards.

All 3 point guards have different strength's and weakness.

Dre - Runs the offense the best. Is very athletic and seems to be a decent defender.
Watson - Is the team's defensive perimeter stopper.
Boykins - Has the most speed and is a very good scorer.

My question is what do we do with these 3 point guards in the long run ? Do we trade any of them ? Do we keep them all ?

I'm sure most of you have also noticed Karl playing Andre Miller at the SG position a lot. Miller has suprised me by being able to defend and play the SG position quite well.

Lenard - Well I been reading that Voshon is upset with Karl sitting him. If were not going to play Voshon should we look to trade him? And if we do what could the Nuggets get for Voshon? I can't see us just sitting a guy like Voshon. He is to talented.
DerMarr - A player I think with more experience will continue to get better. DerMarr is going to stay for multiple reasons, but no doubt Karl likes his play since he was put in the starting lineup.

More to the puzzle.

Linas Kleiza - Where will he fit in? If anyone saw this guy play tonight I'm sure you agree he needs more playing time. He seems to me, a guy that can step in for Najera and Martin when called upon. However I see even a bigger role for him then that in the future.

Solid Core of Nuggets
Marcus Camby
Carmelo Anthony
Kenyon Martin (should be)

Solid Bench

Wild Cards
Julius Hodge
Bryon Russell

Where do Hodge and Russell fit in for the long term ?
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