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NEW YORK, NY – Well, another year and another championship less season for the New York Knicks. But, to the faithful fans’ dismay, this current crew of Knicks won’t even sniff the NBA Playoffs. At least in the Playoffs season ticket holders would be assured of two more games. So much is life for the Boys of Gotham. The only remaining questions now are will the Knicks who by all accounts aren’t (mathematically) eliminated, but for the most part, the games that they could win, they don’t.

With at being said, you can rest easy knowing that the hefty lady with the booming voice is testing the microphone. I could hear her now, “testing one, two, three, testing, testing, one, two, one two.” In a few short weeks, she will be crooning like a Rock Star!

This near tragic turn of events is very disheartening considering the promise that the team once had on paper. But, as it’s been said time and time again, “games are won and lost on the floor or on the field of play and not on paper.”

Did Knick President and GM tinker with the roster one too many times? Or did the kiss of death come during the season when All-star guard Stephon Marbury declared to all those that listened that, “I am the best point guard in the league?” Once that statement was made it should be noted that the Knicks went from first to worst going 3-18.

Now the remaining and burning questions will be who stays and who goes? There’s no doubt that Trader Thomas will again attempt to revamp the roster; a roster full of at least 8 players that can play power forward. And the scary part of that fact is Scott Layden had a similar roster chock full of power forwards and was declared, “incompetent.”
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