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Here is a short term fix, which I think can help the team:

1) What are the Knicks thinking about not pulling off the Sprewell for Ervin Johnson and Glenn Robinson. the Knicks lack a true tough scoring small forward and a tough nosed defensive orientated centre. They can have that if this trade is accurate as reported. Look Robinson is at his lowest value, because of his domestic violence issue, but so what. Everyone makes mistakes and gets into fights at times. he is strong, can score inside and out, can hit the long range jumper, good post player, and he is a good solid rebounder when he wants to be. he is even not that bad a defender that he is made out to be. Johnson, is a warrior, limited in what he can do, but he is a great rebounder and shotblocker who gets most of his points off putbacks and dunks. Sprewell and Houston are both perimiter players averaging together 7 boards a game. Robinson will come in and put up about 7 rebounds while Johnson if starting would put up about 8 rebounds. Advantage Knicks here, a difference of 8 rebounds a game. Glenn Robinson even scores more than Sprewell and shoots at a higher percentage than Sprewell. he also takes smarter shots. The addition of Johnson gives the team a shotblocker at about 2 a game. beleive it or not Glenn Robinson in the last two years has averaged about a block a game as well, just check his stats on Here the Knicks can get two quality starters in Johnson and Robinson.

2) I like the McDyess trade for now. If Hilario can be the type of player McDyess is now than... Look in his hey dey, McDyess was jumping over everybody. he was even dunking the kitchen sink. It was only a year ago that he was putting up 20 and 12, with 2 blocks a game. He is quick off his feet and it is hard to get a jump shot over him with his athleticism and quickness. If teams want to double team him, than expect Houston to get alot of easy looks and he needs to capitalise on these opportunities. McDyess will have a huge rebounding year, as in the East the game is slowed down more and jump shots are pressured at a higher rate, than in the West, where he played.

3)The signing last year of Clarence Weatherspoon was shocking. He had a good year with the Cavs putting up 11 and 9, but that clouded exactly what he did for the team. he was playing at centre and power forward for the Cavs, because of the injury to Ilgauskas and was getting killed on defence. Sure he was rebounding but his opposite number was putting up the points on him at a greater rate. That season inflated Weatherspoons true ability. face it he is a decent backup roleplaying journeyman who is not worth what the team is paying for him. he is expendable now with McDyess and Thomas, so he better expect to sit. Unfortunately he cannot help the team much in this regard.

4) Do not I repeat do not sign Michael Doleac. Are the Knicks blind, are they serious???? this guy sucks. He started out with the Magic and traded to the Cavs, where he struggled. I repeat he could not cement a spot on the Cavs!!! What does that tell you. He is a jump shooter plain and simple. He hates physical contact and likes the perimiter where he can fire up 15 foot jump shots. the Magic got rid of him, because he has poor post up skills and has a tendency to get his shot blocked through a bad shooting technique. He is not a shotblocker at all. He is a poor defender. he is just a big body who will just give up 6 fouls a night. We know what is going to happen though. they will probably sign him! The Knick fans will kill him!!

5) Clark is right there. Who would not want to play on the Knicks, a big market and a chance to start on a team trying to rebuild. He is a better defender than Doleac, quicker, faster, better shotblocker, can get to the hole, is long and can shoot the jumper. he can finish with the best of them and has a huge wingspan. His defence is not so good when defending the post and players back him down, due to his light frame. He wants you to shoot jump shots over him, with his long reach he can reject the shot. He is a necessity.

6) Do not go after Rodney Rogers. Do not waste money on another reserve. Sure he can come of the bench and run and gun, but face it, he is an undersized power forward, who gets scored on. Ballhandling skills as a small forward are not adequate enough for a large contract!

7) Overpaid for Shandon Anderson. Although he is an energy player, his shooting is too streaky. I like him coming off the bench to try and cool the hot hand, when Houston has got scored on. He still gives the team a defensive spark. Once again overpaid for him.

8)Point guard situation is a problem. Eisley, Ward, Williams. None of these guys are adequate starters. But the team is stuck with them. When Williams gets back, I would bring him off the bench and start Ward, who is better than Eisley. Eisley is too shot happy and more of a combo guard. Ward is a better playmaker and this is the best the Knicks can do.

9)Allan Houston needs to do more.He needs to get to the hole more. That is why his free throws compared to Iverson, TMac, Kobe,etc is not as high. He is too content to shoot jump shots. He needs to develop a more complete offensive game, for the salary that he is getting. Allan, man, mix up your game, do not be so predictable. Throw some spin moves, crossovers and fakes and get the defense thinking. Get more aggressive on offense and start trash talking. I know that this is not his personailty, but I beleive if he had this mean streak he could put up 25 a game easily. he struggles to pass out of double teams, so i would look to get the ball out of his hands, and try to get him to turn over the ball. he struggles when he is guarded by quicker, bigger and more athletic guys, who love to crowd his space and his vision. I would play him tight and close, as he is not the kind of player to just wheel by you and go baseline and dunk over the top of guys.

10) Kurt Thomas is a cheap solid guy. Look, if they cannot get Johnson and Robinson through trade, get Keon Clrak at all costs and have Kurt Thomas come off the bench and relieve the power forward and centre. Look, he can come in fresh and go hard at worn out starters of the opposition. he is underated in my opinion, with a decent offensive game. a good guy to have on the team. Great rebounder as well.

11) The team lost the plot in delaing for Ewing. getting a perimeter player in Glen Rice was just plain and utterly stupid. He played the same role as Sprewell and Houston. they should have got tough and got what they wanted for Ewing, which was a starting big man, or possibly lottery picks.

12) Last but not least. Scott Layden. Man you have alot to answer for. What is the owner thinking with the amount the team is paying out in salary witht the production the team produced last year. Look guys, if you are so far over the luxury tax, than you at least better have a playoff team, not a lottery team.

13) Get more exciting, play a more risk taking brand of basketball. I know this is hard but let the guys take some risks and go hard on offense.They need to get the energy back into the team and into the crowd. I believe McDyess will do that now. Whenever their is a chance to dunk on somebody, or jump over the top of them, he is your man. I am a Nuggets fan, and reports that I heard is that he is 100% healthy in his knees. He will not have his game legs back, but he still will have the fundamentals to produce with the Knicks.

Other than that, the trade for Sprewell and Johnson and Robinson will net them two quality starters. If it goes down, than I suggest they look at a point guard, like a Mcinnis or a Travis Best type but their asking price will be too high in my opinion. If the trade does not go down, get Clark now. he is in front of their faces and he can have an impact now!!!

Let me know what you think of my take on the Knicks!
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