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Great Post...Couldnt agree with you more...

Layden seems to be running scared due to all the stupid things he has done in the past.We all know he is terrible come draft day and if you take a look at Utah,other than drafting malone and Stockton,that team has been the same for close to 20 years!!!!!!!

I can not imagine what Layden is thinking about by not going after Big Dog and Johnson..Its exactly what we need and Big Dog is younger than spree.

Does layden really think we have any chance of getting Andre Miller???And bringing Doleac to NYC is an insult....

If Keon Clark is not a Knick,or a very real offer is not presented to him,a major shakeup is called for,starting at the top

Bring back ERNIE!!!!!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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