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The Laker's swami has spoken

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I am going out on a limb today and saying that the upcoming game against the Seattle Sonics will tell the future.

If the Lakers win against a Seattle team who has played well lately on their homecourt these things will happen...

The Lakers will finish no lower then 7th seed and will win their first round playoff matchup against Phoenix or Denver. Yes you heard it here first ladies and gents. This game will prove many things, which may seem obscure and insignificant to the casual fan, but the Lakers's swami has seen the cosmos align. This game is huge for the Lakers and will fortell the rest of the season. If they lose, they are done in the first round. If they win, they advance. This is the Laker's swami prediction. The swami has taken into account variables which most people cannot fathom. Please don't be afraid of the future.


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I am pretty sure the Lakers dont play tonight....

Seattle vs. Memphis

Lakers dont play till Spurs!
Steez said:
I am pretty sure the Lakers dont play tonight....

Seattle vs. Memphis

Lakers dont play till Spurs!
I was going to post this, beat me to it..this guy doesnt even know when is the Lakers next game and he's already making a bold prediction on whats going to happen come playoff time :laugh:
Just as I posted it I made the correction. You two posters are quick to the gun.
Ey man, no worries eveyone makes mistakes.. :cheers:
I don't see anyone making bold predictions that the Lakers can win a first round playoff series. I set the guidelines for a win in the first round. The time of the season has come for the Swami's crystal ball to start working for the playoffs. The Swami can usually see trends a few weeks in advance, quicker than most.
BJ Armstrongs comments on ESPN Chat

BJ Armstrong did on ESPN Chat:

Brad (Salt Lake City): D-Wade for MVP!!!! what is your take?

SportsNation B.J. Armstrong: (4:06 PM ET ) Dwayne Wade is having an excellent season, along with the Miami Heat. He is a great candidate for that award this year. If you're asking my opinion as MVP, though, I have to say Kobe Bryant. He's just had a remarkable season, not only individually, but this team has been nothing short of sensational with what he's done. Being in the seventh spot in the western conference is a great achievement.

jorge (la la land): lakers over the suns in the first round, what do u think?

SportsNation B.J. Armstrong: (4:14 PM ET ) I'm going to agree with that. I'll take the Lakers as well. Kobe is going to go to whatever extreme as necessary to win in the first round. The Suns play good ball, and they'll win a lot of regular season ball games, but when the playoffs start they will start to change. I'm picking the Lakers over the Suns.

Austin (Brea, CA): Hey B.J., you played with Mike and i was just wondering what areas you think Kobe needs to develope in order to be as dominant a player in this league as MJ?

SportsNation B.J. Armstrong: (4:34 PM ET ) Up until this year, I say this about Kobe, when you mention his name with Jordan, I didn't think it was even possible. Now when you do that, I think you can mention him in the conversation. You can talk about Kobe as one of the best players of his era and of all time. I played with Jordan and Kobe is right there. In the next few years, he will be in the conversation of the best of all time. When you can score 81 points in an NBA game you have to take him seriously.
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Would you guys rather play the Suns of Nuggets in the first round?
Forget about the Nuggets, we will play the Suns. And one thing, the Sonics just lost tonite, Ray Allen 1-13 FGs, i dont think the Sonics is the right test for us..
The way it looks right now is Lakers against Phoenix.

Lakers can win this series with the way they are playing. This is kind of what I expected earlier in the season, but they are playing well at the right time so they will be tough matchup for the Suns.
If the Lakers can get back on defense (five men rush), they will beat the Phoenix Suns.
If PHX doesn't get a healthy Amare to return, then the Lakers will win. But the 7th spot is not a sure thing. They still have to play PHX twice and Denver soon.
NEWS FLASH:We beat seattle AND houston! We won 6 out of our last 7 with our only loss coming to the Spurs. HOORAY! B.J Armstrong is now my favorite espn analyst :) :banana:
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