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The Magic number and playoff wishes.

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9 games left. The magic number is 3. 3 Suns wins or Clipper losses means we win the division. This is nothing we did not already expect, but I will like it when the (x) next to our name turns into a (y)

x = clinched playoff berth
y = clinched division title

I want to play LA in the first round. The Hornets have given us fits and are a talented and scrappy team. Sacremento scares me. Memphis has Gasol. Bell can shut Kobe up or at least contain him.

It looks like we will play either Denver in the second round as long as the Clippers or Memphis does not upset them. That is fine...we always seem to beat Denver.

San Antonio will have to go through Sacremento, and Dallas to get to us. Those are two teams that will be tough to beat.

If we face anyone other then the Spurs in the WCF...we are Western Coference Champions.

If we face the Spurs in the WCF...we will need to wait till next year for a WCC banner.

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Lakers have been playing MUCH better. The 2 upcoming matchups will tell how much they've improved. Phil Jackson also has much more playoff experiences and it won't surprise me if the matchup takes up to round 6 or 7. I do expect a win because we just simply matchup better and our history shows that.

If we advance the first round and meet Denver, I am happy for it. Denver is another team that we've dominated for the past one and half year. We have the mental advantage. Both teams play similar style so as long as we do the same things we've done, I can't see why we would lose to them unless some serious injuries happen.

Then there is WCF. Good luck.
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I think we will no doubt win. But thinking Kobe can't make it a close series by himself is nuts.
Screw Kobe. I'm sick of this MVP talk. Barely in the playoffs, and he should be MVP? No I don't think Nash should win it either. He's tailed off a lil. And I don't know who should win it. But not Kobe. Not even for 81.
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