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The moves made, not made, and almost made...

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Over the last few years, the Clippers have made more moves than in recent memory. Lets review some of them, our initial reaction to the move, and how it has worked out in retrospect.

1. Resign Elton Brand. Many thought the Clippers wouldnt do it. But almost all of us Clipper fans were praying that they did. Clippers did resign him to a deal unheard of in Clipper history. How has it worked out? Hes the Clippers first MVP Candidate in decades.

2. Resign Corey Maggette. ditto with above..many thought it wouldnt happen, but it did, the same year Brand was resigned. How has it worked out? Maggette has put up great numbers the last few years, and adds a different dimension to the team when hes on the floor. Unfortunately he has been injured a good portion of the last 3 years, and many fans always bemoan some of the mental lapses he has, but its hard to complain when he has a relatively great contract as he does.

3. Let Qrich go. Most wanted to resign him to keep the nucleus in tact. But the Clippers had their eyes on Kobe the next year, and didnt want to cap themselves out for years to come. They also were worried about the injury issues to Qrich. As it turns out they did have a great shot to get Kobe, who changed his mind at the last minute. Qrich hasnt had a great post Clipper career due to injuries and just poor play in general. And the Clippers were able to use the money to get Mobley who is a much better complement to Corey Maggette.

4. Draft Shaun Livingston. (trading away the rights to Okafor) Some thought the Clippers should go for a college talent such Devin harris. Shaun has been injured a lot of his first two years, and only time will tell if he will ever merit being picked so high. If the Clippers would have kept the pick, they would have Okafor now. Okafor is the superior player no doubt at this point in time, but how much playing time would he have gotten so far with Kaman, Brand, Rebraca, Wilcox, etc. on the team? I say its still a good pick now, but if Shaun doesnt improve over the next two years perhaps we should have gone elsewhere.

5. Draft Lionel Chalmers. This was part of the Livingston trade, and it turned out terribly. Clippers wasted basically a low first round pick on a guy who even on paper didnt seem like he fit in at all with the Clippers, or even the NBA in general. There were a few players taken well after Chalmers that would be making noise with the Clippers now had they drafted them.

6. NOT go after Baron Davis. There were many fans who thought that Baron would have completed the Clippers, that he was the missing piece. However, the Clippers knew it was the wrong move. It would have capped them out for a while. Davis has injury issues that are potential career threatening, and uninsurable, which wouldnt be such a big issue if he wasnt owed 10's of millions of dollars. When he is healthy is a great scorer, but not the type of PG for Dunleavvy's system. At the time, the Clippers had just invested a lottery pick in their PG of the future, so it would have also been strange to spend another 70 million on the same position. Many said the Clippers missed out on that, that Golden State would be for sure in the playoffs, and ahead of the Clippers because of this. Well, you can take one look at the standings to see how smart the Clippers were not to make that deal. (by the way we wouldnt have had Sam I Am if we had Baron, and we wouldnt have had Mobley)

7. Letting Simmons go. Many fans wanted to keep him. But at the price he was wanting, he just wasn't worth it. Even if the price was less, he did not fit well with a healthy Maggette over a long term contract since both are SF's. The Clippers instead used his salary to get Mobley, someone who fits in well with the offense, brings clutch performance to the team, and is a decent three point shooter to boot. So far the move has worked out fine.

8. Trading jaric for Cassell. Need we say anything about this move? It was great.

9. Drafting Korolev. As it turns out the Clippers could have gotten Granger. However, there are other factors to be considered. First of all, the Clippers promised Korolev. That was the mistake there. Not necessarily the drafting of Korolev, because they had no choice, but in making a promise. But who could blame them? Granger was rated way higher than Antoine Wright, and even Wright rejected a promise from the Clippers because he was rated to go ahead of the Clippers pick. The ONLY thing that could possibly make Clipper fans feel better is 1. Granger would not be getting that much playing time here with the Clippers logjam at the position. and 2. Korolev is leaps and bounds better than granger was at the same age, or even at the age of 21.

10. Drafting Ewing. At the time of this pick, everyone including myself thought it was terrible. Ewing wasnt even projected to be picked at all in a couple of mocks, let alone use a high 2nd rounder on him. People thought it was Chalmers all over again. Well, we also did not know that Brunson and chalmers would be on the way out, and we didnt know how decent of a player Ewing was. Hes no PG, but still can distribute the ball better than Chalmers, and in the first part of the year, showed a good jump shot. Also had decent defense.

11. Going after Artest. There were lots of people who thought we shouldnt go after him. That Artest is the most overrated player around, that he would be a cancer in the lockerroom, that Maggette is the better player, that Maggette wouldnt come back out of shape, that it would take too long for Artest to get back into shape, this and that, 1000 reasons not to get Artest. But Dunleavvy did the smart thing and went after Artest. Unfortunately it seems like the Pacers just used us to drive up Artest's value. He went to the Kings. Then many, including myself said that the deal shouldnt have helped out sactown THAT much since they were giving up an all star who was playing, to get an all star. But just take one look at sactown's record since the trade to see what kind of impact he has had on the team. If the clippers tried earlier to get him, who knows where we would be right now.

12. Getting Radman for Wilcox. Wilcox is doing great for Seattle right now. But does that mean this was a bad trade? No way. He was never going to get extended playing time here, and it was obvious he wasnt happy playing here. He just didnt subscribe to the way Dun wanted a big man to play, and he would just zone out too much. Its also not a bad trade because Radman has played wonderfully for the team. He has singlehandedly almost doubled the number of 3's the clippers take and make on a game by game basis, and opend up things more for the other players. He has also been a relative beast on the boards for someone like he who is not expected to get more than a handful of boards each game. This trade really shows how there doesnt always have to be a clear winner in every trade...sometimes both teams make out like bandits.
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Odom going to Miami doesn't really count does it? Since Odom wanted to go, there was no point in matching the Heat's offer. Anyways, I have a hard time seeing how Odom would fit in with the current group (poor shooter).

I have my doubts on the Maggette signing these days, not due to his injury, but how he's going to work with the team. I still see Maggette needing the ball too much, and his shooting has and is still too streaky (and too many bad shoots). But of the players on the roster then, besides Brand (who I felt was a lock for the deal, with his flawless work ethic and rocksteady numbers), Maggette's constant improvements over the seasons was woth something, just not as much as he's getting paid (somewhere along the lines of 50mil for 4 years was it?).

For all the Clippers moves to get a PG, the team is still in a shaky position. Livingston still hasn't shown enough consistency and Cassell is too old. Post season might reveal more, but next season will be key- especially if Cassell goes to the bench.

Overall I see three impeccable moves (Brand, Cassell, Radman) a few decent ones (Q, Artest, Maggette, Davis) and a few doubtful ones (Simmons- all hinging on Maggette as you said, but I've always felt Simmons' game fits better with the Clips; Chalmers). The Clippers organization should get alot more credit for what they've done over the past few years- their moves are much better than most of the teams in the league.
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Sorry to revive an old thread that no one seemed interested in, but watching a graphic pop up during the [email protected] game about the current roster highlighting some moves by the org:

Kaman, Livingston

Traded for:
Brand, Maggette, Radman

Cassell, Mobley

-Really caught my attention on how the Clips org have been making some solid moves for a long time now. Underneath all of Sterling's stinginess rep and the Clips being ignored, the foundations of a good young team on a reasonable budget was being built.
Two questions:

Is this year really that big of a surprise?

Is this just the start of a few years of good Clippers basketball?

I'd like to hear what other Clippers fans feel about it, as well as about the moves yamaneko mentioned.

A few that he didn't mention, probably because they weren't significant and the Clips org made the right choices:

Darius Miles for Andre Miller. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe the timing was wrong?

Letting Eric Piatkowsky walk. Not important at all- but man- he was one of my fav Clippers since he stuck around so long. I remember when he got his career high VS Dallas a few years nack. I was hoping he'd be a Clipper for life. And he had the coolest nickname ever.

Letting Boykins and House go. Boykins helping out Denver now, along with Andre Miller. House supplying instant off the bench offense for Phoenix. 2 Gs with skills the Clips could use from time to time.
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