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Fellers, there aren't going to be many takers out there for these three dudes, you need to understand that! You're not going to get anything GOOD for these guys--so you need to DUMP them! ESPECIALLY if you think the Warriors are going to make a run at Jason Kidd next summer!

The Warriors presently have just over $40 mil in committed payroll for 2003-04. In other words, Golden State will NOT be far at ALL under the salary cap--which means that Golden State CANNOT make Jason Kidd a big (or even a medium-sized) offer! SO, you're going to have to get rid of some of these ugly contracts in order to make him a big offer!

[NOTE: Of course, there is NO WAY that Jason Kidd is going to sign with THE WARRIORS--but getting rid of these three dudes is STILL a great idea!]

Somebody around here suggested Danny Fortson to the Lakers for Tracy Murray and Samaki Walker, whose contracts BOTH expire after next season. The Lakers won't do this, because Jerry Buss isn't interested in paying the luxury tax. Take a look at what Shaq, Kobe, Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, and Devean George COMBINED will be making in 2004-05:

$59 million

That's just five guys, people! Add in Stanislav Medvedenko, Kareem Rush, and whoever else, and you're ALREADY looking at a payroll that isn't going to make Buss very happy! IN OTHER WORDS, The Lake Show will NOT take on Danny Fortson for the next four years.

HOWEVER, I think The Lake Show would gladly take on the versatile Bobby Sura in exchange for Samaki Walker and Tracy Murray. Sura has just two more years left on his contract (not one, TWO), and he can fill Brian Shaw's role for The Lake Show (since Shaw himself can't really do it anymore). Sura would be a nice fit in L.A., don't you think?

SO, here's Trade #1:

Bobby Sura to the Lakers; Samaki Walker and Tracy Murray to the Warriors

Murray wouldn't touch the floor, Samaki probably WOULD play some minutes if/when Dampier gets shipped off, but both guys are goners after next season. So this move clears over $6 mil off the 2003-04 payroll.

AS FOR FORTSON AND DAMPIER. Fortson is an INCREDIBLY difficult player to trade, because he has four more years left on his contract and, well, because he just isn't a very good NBA player. Take a look at Fortson's 2001-02 statistics:

28.8 minutes/game
42.8 FG%
11.2 points/game
11.7 rebounds/game
127 total assists (in 77 games)
160 total turnovers
44 total steals (0.57 steals/game)
17 total blocks (0.22 blocks/game)

Several things stand out here. First, the dude is a power forward and he is shooting 42.8% from the field. How many big guys had worse shooting percentages in the league last season? Antonio Davis, Clifford Robinson--and that's IT! Second, take a look at that assist-to-turnover ratio--127 assists and 160 turnovers is a woeful 0.79 ratio. Only 44 players in the league had MORE turnovers than did Fortson--and most of these were backcourt players, who naturally are going to turn the ball over more than frontcourt players. How many guys with as many or more total turnovers had a WORSE assist-to-turnover ratio than did Fortson last season? Alonzo Mourning, Jermaine O'Neal, Michael Olowokandi, Erick Dampier (!)--and that's IT! Finally, take a look at the dude's inability to block shots, WOW, only 0.22 blocks/game. How many power forwards or centers blocked FEWER shots/game than did Fortson (guys who played 70+ games, that is)? Stanislav Medvedenko--and that's IT! To make matters WORSE, Medvedenko averaged WAY FEWER MINUTES than did Fortson, 10.3 minutes/game vs. 28.8 minutes/game--if you go by blocked shots/48 minutes rather than blocked shots/game, here's how many power forwards or centers averaged FEWER blocks/game than did Fortson: ZERO!

And I understand that Fortson was fourth in the league in rebounds/game--but please understand that the Warriors were the WORST SHOOTING TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. Missed shots = rebounds! In fact, the Warriors were SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the next-to-worst shooting team, the Detroit Pistons--take a look:

Golden State = 40.9 FG%
Detroit Pistons = 42.4 FG%

Throw in the fact that Fortson was SEVENTH in the league in technical fouls (with 16 on the season), and you're looking at a pretty undesirable player!

NOW! How many teams in the league could put together a package that the Warriors would be interested in for one or both of these two players (Fortson and Dampier)? Two teams: Orlando and Philly. Orlando would be able to offer THIS package of guys with expiring contracts for Dampier:

Don Reid, Andrew DeClercq, and Patrick Ewing (who hasn't retired YET, so he's still tradeable) to the Warriors; Erick Dampier to the Magic

But that means that you're STILL stuck with Fortson, who Orlando won't want. The only way you dump Dampier AND Fortson is with Philly--take a look at THIS trade:

Derrick Coleman, Mark Bryant, Alvin Jones, and Damone Brown to the Warriors; Dampier and Fortson to the 76ers

All four of those guys coming over will be off the books FOREVER after next season. Dampier would give Philly a legitimate backup center (which they're going to need for the next few years, as Dikembe Mutombo's back can't really handle more than about 25 minutes/game), while Fortson is a hometown boy, and supposedly Larry Brown likes Fortson. Of course, Philly will have even MORE problems scoring after this deal, but it DOES give Brown a couple of live bodies to throw at there in the smaller Eastern Conference.

PEOPLE! That's the ONLY WAY your team gets rid of Danny Fortson's contract! THAT'S IT! Go ahead, see for yourselves--no other team in the league will be interested in letting the Warriors dump Fortson in their laps--unless, of course, the Warriors take on an undesirable multiyear contract in RETURN for Fortson, which it doesn't want to do!

ANYWAY, after these two deals--Sura to the Lakers, Fortson and Dampier to the 76ers--go down, and after all these guys the Warriors are getting in these two deals are off the books after next season, HERE is what the Warriors are looking at in July 2003:

PG Gilbert Arenas--Steve Logan
SG Jason Richardson--Jiri Welsch
SF Mike Dunleavy
PF Antawn Jamison--Troy Murphy
C Adonal Foyle

Committed payroll: around $30 million

This means that the Warriors would be able to throw a fair amount of money SOMEBODY'S way next offseason! The Warriors could at least then MAKE JASON KIDD A REASONABLE OFFER--something that they CANNOT DO unless they dump these three dudes!
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