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Almost 11 months after Phil Jackson opened his first training camp as the New York Knicks' president, the roster he brought with him to West Point, New York, is virtually gone.

Amar'e Stoudemire, the team's marquee signing in the summer of 2010, was waived mid-season. Long-time Knicks guard J.R. Smith was traded away, as were Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Pablo Prigioni. Andrea Bargnani and Samuel Dalembert, among others, were not re-signed this offseason.

Star player Carmelo Anthony remains, as does Jose Calderon, who arrived last offseason via trade. But all in all, 13 of the 17 players the Knicks brought with them to training camp last season are no longer on the current roster. This summer, Jackson went to work building a new one.

After adding two first-rounders (and one second-rounder, who will remain overseas) in the draft, the Knicks then turned to the free-agent market. Most of the high-profile big men Jackson had his eye on ended up signing elsewhere, so instead, he focused on what he considers to be the most important aspect of the game: defense.

"That's because defense creates offense," he says. "From Bill Russell and even to [this year's] championship Golden State Warriors, this has always been the case."

Final part of a nine-part series.
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