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1. Miami Heat - Delanie Watson (SF)

This seems like a no brainer, but we know smath is the last one to ever make it easy. He will overturn ever rock to make sure the A- 19 year old is the right pick. We say it is and its an easy one in our eyes.

2. Memphis Grizzlies - Rell Ballard (PF/C)

All Rim has already guaranteed he's taking Ballard and the fit works. Grizz have the backcourt, and pairing with a do it all big is a good fit. Here's to hoping elio, berat, and ballard are all Grizzlies in 3 seasons.

3. Phoenix Suns - Darnell Cage (SG/SF)

Zei is at the beginning of a rebuild, and taking the 18 year old "future star" seems like the obvious choice. There are other players to go with here but taking the long road seems like the obvious choice.

4. Cleveland Cavs - LeSean Barkley (PG/SG/SF)

Cavs are happy with any of the perceived top 4. Barkley is the best fit moving forward to add passing around Timkins and Mercer. His flexibility will also allow the cavs to make any future moves in the future.

5. Vancouver Lions - Tyrese Mason (PF/C)

Drizzy can go anyway he wants here but a 19 year old to pair next to the passing he has at center is what we see. Can see drizzy getting weird and adding Peters, but this is the first "unknown pick".

6. Los Angeles Lakers - Ryun Brunson (PG)

The Lakers have a wide open team, getting what x called a "kenneth love child" seems like an easy pick here. Brunson is a passing pg with some defense, reminds us of Dutt without the volume.

7. Utah Jazz - Darwin Peters Jr. (SF/PF)

Utah having the polarizing Peters falling to them at 7, could be a blessing or a curse. He seems to be a top player with flaws. Utah can take a swing and hope he becomes some weird Chig type star.

8. Los Angeles Clippers - Alvin Woods (SG/SF)

Clippers want to start winning and he won't be deterred by age. Woods is ready and can score at the next level, this would set up his backcourt for seasons to come. Jones/Peters/Collins are all in consideration here.

9/10. Miami Heat - Larry Jones (SG/SF/PF), Tevin Collins (SF/PF/C)

The Heat continue to stockpile assets, and flexibility as they choose two 3 position platers. With Watson and all their bigs, his team is ready to compete. With two more picks in the teens i would say the likelihood he makes all 5 picks is 5%.
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