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Given the history of semi-shots those two have taken at each other over the last couple of years, I thought this was really interesting.

As you'll remember, Keith Glass is Scott Skiles' agent.
Speaking after the first session of a three-day free-agent minicamp at the Berto Center, Skiles gave Glass his full support.

“Absolutely. I’ve been represented by the Glass family going on 20 years now,” Skiles said. “They’re part of my family, really. So nothing will come between us.”

What's the got to do with Larry Brown? The players like to joke that Butler is a favorite of the head coach because Butler, a free agent-to-be, is represented by Brown's longtime friend Keith Glass, who just happens to be the son of Brown's surrogate father/agent Joe Glass.

So does that mean Skiles and Brown are "family"? At the least it makes their backtalk look more like friendly smack and less like real rivalry when put in that context.

I don't see any of this is all that relevant to anything, I guess, but I thought it was interesting.
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