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The team to dive for Oden

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I've been thinking for a while about the team or teams that will really be in the hunt for Greg Oden (and the other top prospects) next year. The answer is no longer an easy one. I think the days will be gone where we can guarantee that the Hawks and Bobcats and Raptors and the other "bottom feeders" will be the worst in the league (as teams like the Clippers have already made that jump). Looking at the league and how some of the struggling teams will make additions this summer, it is going to be very competitive next year to say the least. That is, unless one or two teams take the bait and set themselves up for disaster and a reasonable chance to land a great player. I've been wondering who these teams might be and only one is really starting to stand out in my mind. That team is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

All the Twolves have to do is trade KG to a team below the cap for a good draft pick and a good player on a rookie contract and they'd be well on their way in the Oden Sweepstakes. Chicago certainly comes to mind as a trade partner, maybe Atlanta does too.

I think we know that Minnesota's time has come. They're already starting to go young but they lose their draft pick if they were to put a winning team around KG for next season. I think it's best to blow it up this offseason, get two lotto picks and set themselves up for a top 3 pick next season.

Will Mchale and co drop the bomb?

Potential lineup:

Ben Gordon/Marcus Banks
Rashad Mcants/Ricky Davis
Ricky Davis/2006 2nd pick
2006 1st pick/Eddie Griffin
2007 first pick/Mark Blount

Starting to look like a no brainer to me.
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Premier said:
uh...futur, Cleveland did.
That GM who traded that pick is no longer with the franchise or employed by any other team, thankfully
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