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The Truth About The Deal

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Here is the truth about the deal. The deal was done by the owners of the team, it was just pure buissness, it wasn't about sports, it was about buissness. The celtics did the Sonics a huge favor of getting rid or Baker and his huge contrac and in exchange the celtics got some money no one knows about, please do you really think that the celtics will let someone beat them for the 16 championships? It was the same deal that was done with Phoenix and the Nets, why would a team give away their best player, their all star, their all devensive team player, and their captain for years for some young guy? Who is gonna teach them? The coaches don't do that but the mentors do, the old guys that have been in this league for a long time do. It wasn't done to make any team better but about the buissness (the LARGE amount of $$$) that was within the deal.

I don't want to hate Baker, and when (and if) he plays good I am not gonna be a Baker lover, I like him right now and think that it was a better move then what we had, except that we traded Forte.
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Just a Pistons Fan that wanted to thank you guys for tying your hands up in terms of spending money the next four years. You guys may have gotten better inside but you got worst at a critical position the PG. While Kenny may not have been an All-Star he was a solid PG, who killed us in the playoffs. While you guys a making lateral movemants we are taking steps forward, while still having tons of money.
I know we overacheived last year but I could see the Pistons being a better team while having a worst record. I never said Chauncey was a big signing but he averaged 15 ppg when he starting in Minn. and 22 ppg in the playoffs so while he make not be a superstar he will solidifiy the PG position. Our point of view is if you can't have a great PG then have two pretty good ones. Chauncey will put Atkins on the bench and make him one of the best backups in the league. We also have one of the deepest teams in the east with Wallace, Stackhouse, Billups, Cliff, Williamson, atkins, Barry, Rebraca, Curry, Okur, and either Princor Rodney White. I have heard plenty of times analyst as well as Joe D. say Okur would've been a lottery pick or the 3rd PF taken in this years draft but we got him in the second rd last year. On top of that we have alot of money to spend in the free agent class next year so potentially we could become a good team very fast. We have Memphis' first rd pick next yr too.

Boston has their hands tied financially, New York does to and McDyess is coming off a serious injury. Grant Hill will never be the same as he was before he may be good be he won't be anuthing close to what he once was.

I could see New Jersey, Milwaukee-- with all that offense, New Orleans, maybe Philly, and Boston right at the top with us.
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Larry Hughes was put in at PG and asked to do things like distribute the ball thta he normally doesn't do.
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