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The Truth About The Deal

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Here is the truth about the deal. The deal was done by the owners of the team, it was just pure buissness, it wasn't about sports, it was about buissness. The celtics did the Sonics a huge favor of getting rid or Baker and his huge contrac and in exchange the celtics got some money no one knows about, please do you really think that the celtics will let someone beat them for the 16 championships? It was the same deal that was done with Phoenix and the Nets, why would a team give away their best player, their all star, their all devensive team player, and their captain for years for some young guy? Who is gonna teach them? The coaches don't do that but the mentors do, the old guys that have been in this league for a long time do. It wasn't done to make any team better but about the buissness (the LARGE amount of $$$) that was within the deal.

I don't want to hate Baker, and when (and if) he plays good I am not gonna be a Baker lover, I like him right now and think that it was a better move then what we had, except that we traded Forte.
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You did improve the team. Baker is a good scorer when he is in shape.

But does the move make Boston a title contender? Because now you are basically set with Pierce-Walker-Baker.. they wont be able to afford adding anyone else worth anything to those three now.

Personally, I think they've gotten just good enough to try for EC Finals for next 4 years. That is about it.

Unless Kedrick Brown becomes a superstar in a couple.
I think the "big money" the_truth was referring to was a under-the-table kind of big money payment, not the type that the team could use to sign a pg.

I think Shammond could start at PG, better than Delk. Delk is truly a SG in a PG body, plus he doesnt handle the ball all that great.

I just dont understand why they would want to lock themselves up as a middle-of-the-road team for the next 4-5years by adding Baker. Doesnt seem like Pierce or Walker can get much better than last season.

I think the X-factor for Boston will be the development of Kedrick Brown.
Not to start anything, just wondering, exactly what steps forward has Detroit taken?

I think you guys were quite lucky to be successful last season. Ben Wallace and Stackhouse are great, but arent getting any better. And Cliff Robinson is nearly washed up. Chucky Atkins is an NBA backup that was starting at PG.

Chauncey Billups is not a bigtime signing.

Meanwhile, other teams in the East are getting much better. New York got better adding McDyess. Miami should be much better if healthy with Caron Butler. Orlando will be better with a healthy Grant Hill. Indiana will be better with more experience for the young guys, Tinsley, Oneal, Harrington, Bender.
Same was said for Larry Hughes last year. And for that matter, Chucky Atkins.
I personally don't see Chauncey as a true point either. He is definitely a scoring point, just like Chucky tries to be.
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