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1. Houston Rockets - Yao Ming:
The Rockets just got the OK to seal the deal with Ming without having the Chinese Government bring him back in the middle of the season. The recent situation with Wang Zhi Zhi could stall the talks a bit, and the Rockets wont sit and wait and will most likely go after Mike Dunleavy from Duke or trade the 7-5 Yao to someone else for a big package of players.

2. Chicago Bulls - Jay Williams:
This, as long with the 3rd pick depends on big Yao, and where he goes. If Yao goes 1st overall then this pick is a sure thing. Jay(not Jason)is already checking out the local real estate around Chicago. The only bad thing that could happen is that Houston trades there pick to someone who wants Jay and will take him 1st overall. The Bulls will win him over and Jay will make the Bulls great.

3. Golden State - Drew Gooden:
This is the pick that the draft will swing on. Golden State could add DaJuan Wagner, Drew Gooden, or Mike Dunleavy. Since the Warriors already have Antawn Jamison they dont actually need Dunleavy or another guard right now. They need a strong center to get them more wins. Gooden is a finesse player who can run up and down the floor extremely fast for his height.

4. Memphis Grizzles - Mike Dunleavy:
New owner Jerry West loves Dunleavy Jr. and Sr. and onces he was onboard with Memphis, he immediately wanted to make some changes. With Dunleavy with the team, Jerry will be able to reconfigurate the starting lineup. Dunleavy, who still isnt exactly sure whether or not to stay in the draft, will certainly fit in with new rookies Battier and Gasol.

5. Denver Nuggets - Caron Butler:
The Nuggets will take the safe route and will draft 6-7 Caron Butler. Other options for Denver are DaJuan Wagner, later rounder Nikoloz Tskitishvilli, Qyntel Woods, or Chris Borchardt. Caron will soon be like a Paul Pierce. Butler could go anywhere from 3rd to 7th in the draft.

6. Cleveland Cavs - Chris Wilcox:
First of all, if Gooden or Bulter make it down this far, then the Cavs will go after them. But by the looks of it, thats not happening. This looks like a safe bet to take Wilcox but if Cleveland will risk teaching an undeveloped player in Qyntel Woods then the Cavs may take him but I doubt that.

7. New York Knicks - Curtis Borchardt:
GM Scott Layden is not the greatest GM in the world, so he will often make mistakes. This is one of them(in my opinion...Sorry Knick Fans!). Curtis Borchardt is very overrated and he should not go up this high but thats what it looks like. The Knicks are desperately looking for a big man and he is the closest to them. The other option is Qyntel Woods, who is a better big man.

8. L.A. Clippers - Qyntel Woods:
The most likely pick here is Woods but the Lakers are franctically trying to move up to get Qyntel so there may be a trade, possibly having Rick Fox in the trade. Woods gives them more height to this very young team. He has raw talent who could help on scoring.

9. Phoenix Suns - Nikoloz Tskitishvilli:
The Suns covet Nik Villi. This guy could go anyway from 3rd to 17th in the draft. He has been all over the draft board. He is 19 years old, from Europe, and can shoot it. He may very well be the next Dirk Nowiski or Pau Gasol.

10. Miami Heat - DaJuan Wagner:
Every team wants DaJuan! Many scouts have him going #1 but others have him going as far as 14. Almost every team in the top 10 wants him so if their first choice doesnt work out, they will most likely take DaJuan. A possible trade could turn out with Philly trading away Eric Snow for this pick.

11. Washington Wizards - Jared Jeffries:
Jared isnt good enough to get into the top 10 because of his weight, but whatever team he gets on, he will instantly produce points. Jordan's Wizards will not take a chance with the only high-schooler Amare Stoudemire because they already have a high school project in Kwame Brown.

12. L.A. Clippers - Amare Stoudemire:
Amare has tremendous potential, but he has limited experience. Named Florida's high schooler of the year, he will go pretty high in the draft, but the Orlando Magic are very interested in the high-schooler so they will either trade up or pray no one will pick him.

13. Milwaukee Bucks - Maybyner Hilario:
The Bucks are real interested in "Nene" and after the Chicago tryouts, Hilario's stock has rapidily risen. He could go as high as the 6th placed Cavs. He is the hottest name in the draft and is a great shotblocker.

14. Indiana Pacers - Kareem Rush:
This is a very hard decision to make between Kareem Rush and Marcus Haislip or maybe even Amare Stoudemire because the Pacers have always had luck with high-schoolers Bender and Harrington. They may even take Frank Williams to back-up Jamaal Tinsley.

15. Houston Rockets - Bostjan Nachbar:
Nachbar is 6'8 and has good NBA potential. He is a good European player who has tremendous height. This is a pretty definite pick because Houston is almost 100 percent hes taking Bostjan.

16. Philly 76ers - Marcus Haislip:
Haislip could go anywhere from 12th to 20th scouts say. The 76ers need help down low. Haislip could help out Mutombuo. They could also take Kareem Rush if availability.

17. New Orleans Hornets - Melvin Ely:
Ely is one of the hardest draftees to figure out. He could go as early as 14th or as late as 27th. He is a great polished big man who could work the boards. Also Chris Jefferies is another option.

18. Orlando Magic - Frank Williams:
The Magic have three intriguing possibilities. One with Frank Williams, an agile, quick point guard, Dan Dickau, a 5-12 shooting guard who is never tired, or the European phenemonen Jiri Welsch. GM John Gabriel has always done a good of trading up to get a big center, maybe Chris Marcus, Carlos Boozer, or Jason Jennings.

19. Utah Jazz - Dan Dickau:
By the looks of this mock draft, next year Dan may be with his successor in John Stockton. Having Dickau and Stockton as the Jazz's guards would be the formula for a championship in 2003.

20. Toronto Raptors - Jiri Welsch:
Welsch is perfect to backup Vince Carter. This Czech guard is climbing into the minds of NBA scouts. This man always finds a way to get to the basket.

21. Portland Blazers - Dan Gadzuric:
Despite spending 4 years in college, Dan is very special and has very offensive skills. Still, hes a terrific athlete who could be molded into a solid defender.

22. Phoenix Suns - Fred Jones:
Fred Jones is an outstanding Pac 10 player with the Oregon Ducks. He will fit right in with Marion, Penny, and Marbury. Still Jones didnt help himself in the Chicago pre-camp.

23. Detroit Pistons - Chris Jeffries:
Even though Jeffries hasnt praticed with any team yet he will become an immediate factor with the Pistons. Somewhere between 15 and 30 Juan Dixon will fit in, but most likely not with the Pistons.

24. New Jersey - Juan Dixon:
This is where I have Juan Dixon stationed. He is very unpredictable and could go pratically anywhere. He is a franchise player and well fit in great with Bryon Scott. Dixon will win the organization over.

25. Denver Nuggets - Rod Grizzard:
Grizzard's stock hasn't dropped as much as some think. Even though he has broken his left leg he still is a good fighter. He is a great competitor and will help the rebuilding Denver Nuggets.

26. San Antonio Spurs - Carlos Boozer:
Boozer is probably the most underrated player in the draft and Boozer could go from 19th to the second round. He is a great worker on the offensive boards and pushed his jumper outside the free throw line. He could easily move up in the first round.

27. L.A. Lakers - Tayshun Prince:
It is not definite that he will go in the first round, but if he does he will either go to the Spurs or Lakers. Shaq Pack needs a decent star to back him up so Prince will be a great addition.

28. Sacramento Kings - Nenad Kristc
Sacramento will either get Chris Massie or Nenad Kristic from Yugoslavia. Nenad is good friends with Vlade Divac and fit right into the already stacked Sac Town defense.

Chris Massie
Predrag Savovic
David Anderson
Sam Clancy
Lee Benson
Steve Logan
Casey Jacobson
Roger Mason Jr.
Jason Jennings
DeAngelo Collings
Tito Maddux
Boris Diaw
Luis Scola
Ryan Humprey


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U think my Heat are gonna trade the #10 pick for Snow,when we can sign Travis Best this off-season?We DONT want nor do we NEED Snow,we need a PG that can shoot,which he CANT!

The #10 for Snow!:upset::laugh::upset:

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Originally posted by HEATLUNATIC
U think my Heat are gonna trade the #10 pick for Snow,when we can sign Travis Best this off-season?We DONT want nor do we NEED Snow,we need a PG that can shoot,which he CANT!

The #10 for Snow!:upset::laugh::upset:
The Heat have been trying to get Snow for a couple of years. I said he was just a possibility so Philly could trade someone else. Also Travis Best said the Magic and Lakers are his two only possibilities so he is probably not heading to the Heat. But its just a prediction!

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may I ask when Travis Best said that because that's deffinately some good news for us Magic fans if it has some truth behind it!

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Mock draft

This whole draft seems pretty inaccurate to me. I don't think that GS will pick Gooden, they have a complete log jam at PF. And NY can get way better than Borchartd with the 7th pick! Look at the players picked after Corchartd (Stoudamire, Hilario, Skit).
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