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Carmelo vs Brown:

Carmelo's most recent string of comments may be viewed as just the latest black mark in what has been a rough couple of months for a player that was once considered one the league's brightest rising stars and personalities. I actually think he handled himself fairly well in the interview, fairly candidly admitting that he was partly to blame for his Olympic black eye. Anthony obviously has a lot of growing up to do, both on and off the court, but he might just be up for the task. The boards have been in a tizzy for weeks about "the real Carmelo". For the record, I think his career is looking a lot like another college freshman prodigy's, Glenn Robinson. However, he's still got time before we brand him with that...

Rough Times in Portland:

Zach Randolph won't be charged in his latest run-in with the law, but Portland fans have to be getting uneasy about the guy that ownership is about to give a max contract to. Giving more credence to the Randolph/Anderson/1st for Redd/Mason rumor that came out earlier this week is the resigning of Darius Miles ot a long-term deal. Now Portland is clearly one player too heavy at the forward slot. SAR has obviously been the malcontent, but with Randolph's contract and behavior issues, could the team unload Zach and give Rahim the 4 slot? With a lineup of Stoudemire, Redd, Mason, Rahim, and Ratliff with Miles first off the bench, the Blazers could easily make the postseason. The real question is whether Milwaukee would do it. A shooting guard that can shoot is almost unheard of these days, and Randolph is starting to resemble Derrick Coleman in persona, as well as game. Nonetheless, he's a potential franchise player at 6-10, 270. Not exactly a glut of those, either. Maybe a change of scenery would do him good....

Bulls/Rockets Deal:

I don't really understand why Chicago makes this trade. Deke still has some gas left in the tank, and would be a perfect mentor for the Twin Towers, who might be getting their last chance to pull it together this season. Houston certainly sees it, and fills a major hole by getting somebody to come in and give Ming 15 minutes on the bench. Deke will certainly be a better mentor for Yao than Kelvin Cato was. Pike is a good shooter but is washed up, and Griffin/Wilks are fodder. Hmm...

All-Stars want out:

Lets see, we've got Peja, Vinsanity, SAR, and now B-Diddy. I don't see any of them getting moved by opening day, although a Carter/Peja swap makes a little sense. (anyone?). I can understand why Davis wants out of NO (quickly becoming a more competitive version of the Clipps), but it's not going to happen. Plus, nobody else is going to let Baron jack up 30 shots a game. Baron should get healthy, feed the ball to a healthy Jamal Mashburn, and play out this season. If he's still unhappy, a trade can be done next year when he has a bit more value.

KG vs Rick Rickert:

As a huge Minny fan, I was shocked to hear about this. Nothing is coming out of Minnesota about what really happened, but I don't think this is proof that KG is a dirty player or evil person or whatever else people are accusing him of becoming. The guy is a competitor, and probably just lost his cool. Best of luck to Rick Rickert on making the squad, now that you've pissed off the franchise.

HS Commitments:

F Tasmin Mitchell, to LSU. Everybody knew this was going to happen, and now it has. The potential '05 lineup of Tack Minor, Regis Koundjia, Mitchell, Brandon Bass, and Glen Davis is downright scary...

WG Lewis Clinch to Ga Tech. Spurning the Dookies is great for the world, but this a huge get for Tech. That final four is paying off, and a monster 2005 class could be on the way. The Jackets are still in the mix for Texas duo CJ Miles and Kevin Rogers, as well as Chris Douglas Roberts, amongst others.

That'll do Pigley...
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