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Originally posted by The X Factor

All of these guys, deserve big minutes, and they all will be fighting for big minutes (with the exception of MJ), they have too many players, and some of these guys will be gone by the start of next season.
No, not all of those guys deserve big minutes. Only half of them are deserving of important minutes.

Dixon, Grizzard, Lue, Navarro(though he isnt coming over this season), Simmons, and Thomas do not deserve big minutes. Care to explain why they do? Just because your on a roster does not mean you deserve minutes. Dixon was not a prime draft pick, and he's got things to work on. Grizzard is a 2nd round pick, as was Simmons last year. Navarro as well. Lue has shown to not be more than a decent backup(which does not mean big minutes) and Thomas has battled injuries and needs to prove himself first.

And, the team doesn't have that much good young talent. Only Rip, Jeffries, Brown, and Haywood are guys that you can realisticaly say have a potentially bright future in the NBA.

Grizzard, Navarro, and Simmons were 2nd round picks. While they shouldnt be written off because of that, you can't include them as part of the future until they prove themselves, because they fell to for a reason. Dixon too. He was a first round pick, but by all acounts a reach, and he has a lot of proving to do.

I think the team has a decent building block of young talent, but it's not one of the best young teams in terms of talent. The Clippers, Bulls, Grizz, among others are far ahead.
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