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Check out their lineup:

Kwame Brown
Hubert Davis*
Juan Dixon
Rod Grizzard*
Richard Hamilton
Brendan Haywood
Jared Jeffries
Popeye Jones (FA)*
Michael Jordan
Christian Laettner
Tyronn Lue*
Juan Carlos Navarro
Tyrone Nesby (FA)
Bobby Simmons
Etan Thomas*
Jahidi White
Chris Whitney
Larry Hughes

All of these guys, deserve big minutes, and they all will be fighting for big minutes (with the exception of MJ), they have too many players, and some of these guys will be gone by the start of next season.

I put a star next to the guys who I think won't be coming back. I think that they won't re-sign Nesby. And I think that they will trade Lue, Thomas, and Davis. I don't think that they will sign Rod Grizzard, considering that they are so stacked at the SG and SF positions.

This would be my suggestion for their lineup next season:

Rip Hamilton/MJ/Simmons
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