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The Young Guys

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Basically, the possible future for the Wolves lie in these guys' hands. Rashad McCants, Marcus Banks, Bracey Wright, Justin Reed, and Eddie Griffin. The last two are nearing their primes. Banks is in the final year in his contract. McCants and Wright just recently drafted. We also have 3 picks in the coming draft, 1 being a first rounder, likely to be a lottery selection.
First off, the point of this thread is to address what these guys can do, will do in the future, and what they showed this season.
Lets start with McCants. Basically, McCants's numbers right now do not show how he has developed over the course of the season or how great he has been in the 2nd half. McCants has basically brought himself into the starting position. He is always scoring in double figures now, playing amazing defense, and not turning the ball over. He is playing in control. McCants' future is oh so bright! Just seeing how he developed this season, I can not imagine what he will bring for fans in years to come. I could go on all day about McCants, but I will allow for discussion lol.
Banks. He seems to be having trouble finding room to score lately. Its a good thing. He is learning how to be a play maker, how to play his role. He can score, he is just deciding what is best for the team. That is the great part. This is probably a guy we will really want to keep this summer. He is potentially an all-star guard. Also the lock up defender we have always wanted.
Bracey Wright... I think it is too early to say what can be done with him. He is capable of playing on the Wolves roster next season, but he won't get a lot of time. I think he needs to be on the roster for Casey to teach him the point guard skills he needs. He is far from being a point guard right now. He can potentialy be a pretty decent guy to look for off of the bench, but only if he can develop point guard skills.
Justin Reed. Now from what I have seen he is a great defender, and a hustle player. He is a bit out of position though. I think here is a guy that can be used for the future too. He can succeed here.
Eddie Griffin's situation is not as bright as the other guys'. Also he was the best shot blocker on the team, something hit him that took away all the confidence he had in himself. I am not sure what the wolves will do about this, but it will be interesting. I hate to see a guy with so much talent just wash away like this.

Now you guys can discuss!
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Very nice analysis. Well put looks like Casey is trying to get them to develop now, he's benched Davis, KG, and it looks like reed isn't playing today either, trying to get these guys to get minutes and McCants has looked great so far. 17 Min. 10 Pts 4 Assists 2 Steals 2 TOs.
I'd like to see them play Jaric in the starters role again, make him more tradable.
JBoog35 said:
I'd like to see them play Jaric in the starters role again, make him more tradable.
And let us suffer the result of the trade that got the best of us?
Hopefully a team that is in desperate need of a pg will do anything for a trade.
Banks and Mccants really have been the one bright spark of this season.
i have no problem with them starting at the 1-2 next season.
that does mean we will have to pick up a better SF because ricky isnt a strong enough 2nd option, or an upgrade at center.. blount is not solid enough and whether he is good enough or not eddie still doesnt look like he will get big minutes any time soon.
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