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With the Nuggets having Washington's first round pick in this draft and most likely not having a pick in the 2006 draft (Raptors now own that pick and it is only top 5 protected in 06) this will be a very important draft for the Nuggets. The Nuggets can't afford another Skita-type selection of a player that never pans out. Obviously, the biggest need is at the shooting guard position, but another quality big man could also be helpful considering that Nene's contract situation still has to be settled and Elson will be a RFA after next season.

Of the teams drafting in front of the Nuggets, not many of them need a SG, although there are a few that may just draft the best player available and not focus on a positional need. There are some good wing players available in this draft and there could be a flood of young international players and high schoolers that apply for the 2005 draft out of fear of an age limit being added to the next CBA.

Right now, the Nuggets would have the 21st and 22nd selections, so of the 19 teams in front of the Nuggets (Charlotte has Cleveland's pick) here are the teams that I believe could be interested in a SG.

Charlotte, Portland, Toronto, Clippers, Orlando, Pacers & Timberwolves.

Some of those teams also need bigs as well, so the Nuggets should be in good shape to not have to reach for a SG in the draft.
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