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Shaq misses 5+ min. in the 1st half & the rest of the game in the 2nd, his fouls were minor compared to the block Webber put on Fisher at the end of the game.

The refs are not consistent, are they going to let them play or not.

After Shaq leaves Sac still couldn't pull away

Ok so La wins Fri & we have a 7th game is that what the networks want.

Let them get stuck with Sac & Nets/ Celtics & really see the ratings drop.

As I would say on the Rams board Faulk em'

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It is interesting that Sacto could only play well with Shaq out of the game in this one.

Ah well, one-point wins for each team in the series. Now let's see what kind of character the Lakers really do possess...they have never come back in a series in this era when the other team has a lead with 3 wins...perhaps this will be the first team to do it?

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It think it's obvious that Sacto can't hang with LA when Shaq is in and going like this.

He's big, he's bad, he's angry at people starting to question his team's dynasty.

This is when legends step up
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