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SMiLE said:
yah, cept that Telfair is absolutely nothing like Marbury, and has shown no inclination that he'll even be remotely like him..However outside of that, it could be the same.
Hrm...interesting observation, though wrong.

Telfair is a shoot first, pass-second point guard. He has his good points, he drives well, he can pass at times when he drives, and he has speed. He also has worked on some of his weak areas. But to say he's shown no inclination that he'll even be REMOTELY like him? Please. I understand you like Telfair and all, but still...

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SMiLE said:
well besides the fact that Marburys problem isn't necessarily that but his unwillingness to change..
What proof do we have of this?

what exactly shows that Telfair is a "shoot first PG" to the degree Marbury is? because we "feel" it?

dude at most shot 10 times a game as a starter (which was just about 2 shots more per game than Blake as a starter).

so is 2-2.5 the difference between shoot first and pass first?
Yes, that IS one aspect of it. That's a 25% difference right there.

Another area to look at is scoring attempts per minute.

Sebastian Telfair
468 (FG) + 143 (3PT) = 611 attempts
1374 minutes

Every .45 minutes of play, some scoring attempt is made.

Steve Blake
414 (FG) + 156 (3PT) = 570
1569 minutes

Every .36 minutes of play, some scoring attempt is made.

Telfair is taking 25% more scoring attempts than Steve Blake in the same amount of minutes.

Stephon Marbury
2184 mins
770 + 104 = 874

Every .40 minutes of play, some scoring attempt is made.

Is Telfair exactly like Marbury? No. But is he even remotely like him? Yes, especially relative to Blake (who you used as a comparison). Could this be because Telfair is the primary option with the second team? Maybe, but it doesn't change the fact that he trends that direction.

this has nothing to do with me "liking" him. it has to do with facts. Telfair is nothing personality wise ilke Marbury, or game wise. EVEN if you went per 48 vs what Marbury shot last year (not per 48) Telfair is still shooting 5 shots less a game.
You've spent a lot of time with them?

I know that people like throwing out blanket statements to sound like they're somehow more knowledge about a player, but at least compare him to a player he's remotely like (both personality wise and game wise). Telfair isn't even close to what Marbury is.
Blanket, vague statements like "he has intangibles"? Luckily, it's called an opinion that's formated by observation of the game, with which you may feel free to disagree with, and quite often do.

Zidane merely said:

maybe we have a starbury lb situation.
Maybe...MAYBE..not "Yeah, that Telfair is a bad apple, let's trade him / bench him / send him to the D-League in Bosnia!" Sheesh...

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mediocre man said:
So Nate wants a boring team. That's cool I guess as long as they win right? I mean that's what a lot of people have said anyway. Who needs fast breaks and dunking anyway. I think they are vastly overrated.

My Nate guys on this roster are as follows

Khryapa, Joel, Jack, Blake, Skinner

Sadly none of those guys make me want to buy a single ticket to a game.

The one bright spot in all of this is that in the draft the one glaring "Nate guy" is Tyrus Thomas. Hard nosed, no offense and defensive oriented.
I thought you liked Jack? And Joel doesn't want to make you buy a ticket with his blocking ability?

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hasoos said:
Both of these guys have their strengths and weakenesses. There is one point I think we can make about all of them though...They flat out are not cutting the mustard, and that is what matters, is it not? :biggrin:

Hell who knows..with Jack playing the way he has the last few games, this might be a flat out "Moot" argument. :clown:
I totally agree hasoos. We just need to find someone, somehow who is going to make the whole unit work better as a team. Obviously our record doesn't reflect a surplus of incredible talent, at least realized talent.

As for Jack, I'm really rooting for him, he's my favorite of the three. But I don't know if his shot is consistent enough to be the starter yet.

Ed - The reason why I didn't throw in FTs initially is two-fold. One is that the PG typically handles the ball more than anyone and if a foul was committed without a shot attempt but they were over the limit, the PG would probably have been the one fouled the majority of the time (though that is, admittiedly, a guess). Secondly, since PGs are usually the prime candidates to shoot T's (illegal defense, etc.) that might artifically inflate the numbers.
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