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“You have to make changes,” Jersey head of operations Rod Thorn said. “It changes so fast and so often. We made changes, but if we don’t get (Vince) Carter, we’d be in big trouble. He really saved us. You saw how Detroit got (Rasheed) Wallace and they went from being a good team to a terrific team. Everything changes, but, you know, I’ll never forget that series in 2002.”

Same article, Scalabrine disses the Nets 2001-02 success:

“Just remember what things were like in the conference back then,” he said. “We were good, but we weren’t great. We got our asses kicked by the Lakers in the Finals. The next year the East was better, but that year the East was really, really down. We made it to the Finals and we just got waxed by LA. Any team could have made it that far in the East. You didn’t have to be a great team to get that far in the East.”

Finally, Veal takes a veiled shot at Mr. Krispy Kremes--and his rival for playing time--Rodney Rogers:

The Celtics ultimately decided not to take many more shots with that crew. Rogers was allowed to leave that summer for the Nets (“That wasn’t a bad move by the Celtics,” said Scalabrine)

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The East is "really down" this year, and the "any team" he's on right now is 15 games worse than they were last year without him.

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Vince Carter did actually saved the nets.

Before the VC trade the nets were seen to be getting back to basics and i mean 20 wins type of basics.

before VC came jason kidd wanted out of jersey. he voice his displeasure on how he was dissappointed with the program.

people were actually laughing at the nets. they gave up k-mart for draft picks. gave kerry kittles and cash to clippers for cash. let harris go and other players release. the former beast of the east dismantle and basically raise the white flag.

kidd comes back from his injury but he is no playing for the nets. he is playing to show his value. praying that the struggling timberwolves at this moment make a trade to get him. that some contender will at least rescue him from this team.

then VC comes but you know not to make of it yet . kidd doesn't either yet. the season seems it could be salvaged but RJ goes down for the season. Things look bad again but nets are some how winning games.

VC and Kidd are clicking and VC seems reborn. Vc is scoring driving makes you feel it's 2000 again.

then the nets start adding other pieces. cliff robinson and more.

a rookie center is performing well.

kidd is still not sold though but they make it to playoffs. that enough is accomplishment based on starting 2-11 and being picked as lottery team and most people expecting VC to dog it once RJ went down.

the nets get swept by the heat and kidd makes a comment.

"i don't give a crap about what mangament does"

still seems unhappy people are expected jason to jet come summer.

but rattner and thorn decide we can rebuild we can make it better.

Reef deals go down

Jeff signs.

things look up.

but the Reef deals fall through but kidd realize you can't blame them for trying and trying they still do.

they get murray padgett and other shooters.

things still look up.

jason kidd learns this is where he should be. here he can be a savior to a franchise. here no one else will ever wear the number 5.

the nets could be where the blazers are right now if not for that VC trade.

the domino effect.

but as much as he did it's time for bussiance if there is a chance VC will walk we should trade him.

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Veal is a *******.


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I don't want to be the type to just rub it in people's faces.."HAHA!CARTER SAVED U BAST*RDS!!"BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GOD VC!"

But he did keep Kidd in Jersey and accelerated the development process of this team..Actually,he helped eliminate that process all together.

But still,come playoff time,if Carter and RJ(Carter notably) look for Curly,this will greatly help Jersey.

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Veal had a very good friendship w/ VC last yr. I liked the energy & enthusiasm he gave off the bench. He should've stayed w/ Jersey but he's overpayed in Boston. He's just bitter b/c he's on a crappy team.
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