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I love the Warriors. I also hate them. I can't get over what a team this COULD have been. Sometimes it makes me cry at night.(ok, maybe a little exaggeration) But anyway, i wanted to put up some information on the warriors that you probably know but dont often think about.

The warriors have been prennial dormats in the last decade (except for some good signs in the early 90's). But contrary to conventional thought, there is no Golden State curse, no haunting aura bringing down the organization. Its simple as this: Bad, bad management. And i mean really bad. Examples? Of course. Lets look at some draft decsions of the past few years, shall we?

1993- GS drafts Penny Hardaway with the third pick in the draft. Not bad huh? But wait, they traded him for Chris Webber! Wow, that stirred things up. Now, i can't really critisize them for this because, well neither Penny OR Webber really have accomplished anything. What i can critisize them for is trading Webber away. There were good reasons, and at that time i think it might have been ok. But the biggest problem was the talent they got in return. It was something like Webber for three guys who were OK prospects, but all in all havent been in the top tier of players.
They really messed up.

Now a huge debacle.
1995- "With the first pick of the 1995 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors pick: Joe Smith!" Wow, ive gotta say 95 had one of the best drafts ive seen. And once again the Warriors exercised their way of eluding talent. Then again, i like Joe Smith, and he was pretty talented. But lets look at the talent they decided to pass on. The next 4 picks were as follows, in order: McDyess, Stachouse, Wallace(Sheed), and Garnett. Man oh man. 4 all stars. I don't even have to say anything about that.

1996- GS takes Todd Fuller at number 11. Soon after, Charlotte snagged Kobe Bryant, Sacramento took Peja, and Phoenix picked Steve Nash. Well well well. Again, GS missed a number of all stars. By my count, thats 7 in two years! 8 guys in three years if you count Webber.

1997- Adonal Foyle at number 8. Hot damn! Toronto takes Tracy McGrady next. Gosh the Warriors have made a habit of near misses on huge talent. They also passed on Danny Fortson, but they ended up with him, so I guess thats ok.

1998- Vince Carter. Excellent pick. Wait no, the Warriors making a good pick? It can't be. And not too soon after, it wasn't. GS traded Carter for Antawn Jamison and some cash. Wow. Jamison was good, and still is pretty decent, but look at Vince. I dont care about the Vince critisizers, this guy is amazing. Watch him stay healthy next year and silence doubters. My money is on him doing more than we really ever expected(barring competent management in Toronto). So whats the count now? 10 all stars that may have been warriors?

1999- They took Jeff Foster at 21. This is a pick that i really like. But of course they traded him. For? Vonteego Cummings of course. I really can't be too critical, because Foster hasnt been as good as the other guys ive mentioned. But he still is a good player. At least better than Vonteego Cummings. If you put Foster on the Warriors, i guarantee a much better season than last.

2000- No first round pick.

2001- Jason Richardson. Fantastic pick! Wow, what can i say? Well, i wont say anything because Richardson WILL be an allstar. Lets hope he stays in GS.

2002-Mike Dunleavy at number three. Its too soon to say anything, but i could go 50-50 on this guy. I liked him in college, but I dont know how he'll fare against good competition day in day out, with there being such an abundance of great SF's in the league.

So what do i think? Well, i think that the Warriors are gonna have some great upside if they hang on to Richardson. i see them as a legit playoff team in about three years, that is if they continue to make decisions like they did in the past few years. So even though they make me cry, i still love the Warriors, and will always be a Warrior faithful.
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