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To Whomever Posted about SMART/START

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I forgot who mentioned about bringing a book to Sunday's game against the Clippers and you'd get a voucher for a free game in the future.

I spoke to the ticket office today (as I was redeeming my free game ticket from the previous Rose Quarter email thing), and the lady told me that the offer using books was limited to the first 200 people.

Not being a punk, but just giving people heads up that they shouldnt expect to get free tickets. Just be proud you're doing a good deed!
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That was me. I wouldn't worry about it too much, as the last time we did this, nobody brought a book. So if you bring a book, your chances of getting a ticket are very high to say the least. :clown: I am hoping some people bring some books this time, as a lot of people put a good effort to do something good in the community with this program. :clap:
coolio tha'ts good to know. which entrance are they doing the book thing? all of the gates? or just specific ones?
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