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I am really excited for todays match, which will start in more than three hours. I already invited a couple of friends to watch the game at my place.

I have to agree what KC said in the post about Senegal, the Koreans will have a hard time against the Germans. But then again I wouldn't have thought that they would beat Italy and Spain. IMO both better teams on paper than Germany, but those Germans are always so damned lucky! So, I see them win in the last minute with 1-0. A header by Klose I guess.

I hope the Koreans win, but I have the faintest suspiscion that the Koreans will underestimate the strength of the German squad, cuz of their wins against Italy (well deserved, regardless what the newspapers say, I still think that they had one of the best referees of the tourney, but because of the lack of self-criticism they drag the reputation of this ref along with them. Look in the mirror stupid Italians!!!!) and Spain (the Koreans were very very lucky and didn't deserve to win, but I don't care cuz I favor them). And they lack the experience of a half final at this stage, while the Germans have played several times in a half final in big tournaments. And I am curious if the Koreans could get the German wall to fall!


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