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This is not a mock draft game where you pick a team and you draft for a team.

I called this a mock draft contest because I want you all to post a mock draft up to the first round. And then we will compare that to the real draft, and see who has the most accurrate prediction.

Right here is my mock for the first round, I spent quite sometime here, so please read and criticize all you want, I want to hear what other ppl think. Thanks!!

Post your mock drafts here, so we can have some competition going on.

Cleveland – LeBron James

Obviously, I am not going to explain why the Cavs will pick LeBron. But this pick will mean three things, 1) Next time you watch a Cavs home game, you will actually see people in Gund Arena, 2) Jeff Van Gundy is likely going to become the head coach of the Cavs, any coach who love to have a chance to coach a future super star like LeBron, also Van Gundy is probably one of the few coaches out there that LeBron will actually listen to. 3) Looks for Ricky Davis or Darius Miles to be traded. Will Wagner and LeBron in the back court, and the front set with Boozer and Ilgauskas, the Cavs will likely ship either Davis or Miles for a proven point guard. Remember the Davis for Alvin Williams rumor?

Detroit – Carmelo Anthony

This is a tough one, because with the emergence of Tayshaun Prince, their need for a small forward is not as desperate as before. However, I still think they would take Carmelo over Anthony. First, this is a team that is trying to win right now, some say teams like that would more likely to take on a project since they don’t really need them. But I think this Detroit team is the best they can get, if they can add a proven player like Melo who could help them immediately, they would benefit now and in the future as well. Plus, you know Darko would probably not going to be a centre in this league, and they already have one of the best power forwards in this game, they should go for Anthony, and Melo could even provide some action at power forward and move Ben to the centre spot, so he has the utility of Darko as well. Nonetheless, Detroit is the biggest winner in this lottery, this team is really on a roll.

Denver – Darko Milicic

Well, once again, a common sense choice, a line up of Nene, Darko, Skitas, and White are HUGE and scary. Two 7 footers, one power centre, and a 6-9 shooting guard. If they could sign Arenas, this team would have some serious potentials. However, Detroit could possibly choose Darko, and Denver is force to settle with Melo, which is not bad at all.

Raptors – Chris Bosh

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! My Raptors has to settle for a fourth pick. But remember who the Raptors got when they last had a fourth pick? Chris Bosh might sounds like a good choice for the Raptors since they have no real big men in this team. With Bosh, Davis can go back to centre, and we could see Bosh either playing centre or power forward, although I don’t think he’s going to get a lots of playing time in his rookie season since he’s still a very raw talent. The Raptor could also go for Kaman, for some quick help and quick solution to the centre problem, but in a long term, Bosh would be a better choice. (That’s to assume he play up to his full potential, remember the last player to be compare to Kevin Garnet by is Jerome Moiso…)

Miami Heat – Chris Kaman

If a league that has few good centre than point guard, the Heat would go for Kaman, the best American centre to come out of college in a long time. TJ Ford would be a reasonable choice, but would Pay Riley really go for a undersize point guard, even tho he has the heart of a Riley type of player? Kaman has good post moves and is a good shot blocker, also that’s assuming Zo will not be coming back to the Heats.

L.A. Clippers – TJ Ford

With Miller and Candy man gone, the Clippers are looking for a new point guard and centre. Since they still have Melvin Ely and Chris Wilcox filing the void at the centre spot, look for them to get the best point guard available. The Clippers will get Kaman if Ford is taken by the Heat.

Chicago Bulls – Jarvis Hayes

They need a shooting guard, and they what they need, simple as that. With a line up of Curry, Chandler, Rose, Hayes, and Jay, with Crawford, Marshall, and Fizer off the bench. This team is a big upgrade from last season, and even better if they can sign Howard in the off season, can you smell playoff?

Milwaukee Bucks – Maciej Lampe

This team’s biggest need is a centre or power forward, so picking Lampe who would most likely become a power forward in this league is a reasonable choice. Adding enough great shooter to this team, plus the help of Toni Kukoc, it would be a good environment for Lampe. If he didn’t turn out to be the next Dirk Nowitski, he could always be the next Toni Kukoc.

New York Knicks – Kirk Hinrich

With McDyess coming back, (yes, I think he would actually coming back), and the best centre in this draft gone, and the next best centre is not worth a 9th pick, the Knicks will go for a point guard that would come in and help them immediately. Hinrich doesn’t need to be spectacular, because mostly he will be coming off the bench on Vuranjic arrives, but the Knicks needs some one to run the point if they are going to make a run in the playoff with a healthy McDyess. Ridnour and Barbosa could be a possibility too, it all depend on the work outs.

Washington Wizard - Mickaël Pietrus

Dwayne Wade is a possible choice, but with an athletic specimen like Pietrus on board, the Wizard would get a huge defensive stopper to replace MJ’s place, instead of getting a undersize stopper, where they already have Stackhouse as their main scorer.

Golden State Warriors - Leandrinho Barbosa

Basically, Barbosa, Ridnour and Hinrich are interchangeable, no one is much better than anyone, however, with Warriors being a young and athletic team, they would go for Barbosa as an exciting point guard that would run with them, and finish the breaks, whether they keep Arenas or not.

Seattle Supersonics – Mike Sweetney

If they feel comfortable enough to have Barry running the point instead of using a real point guard, Mike Sweetney would be an update over undrafted Reggie Evans. If they want a point guard, look for them to go for Luke Ridnour, or Barbosa, depends of who’s available.

Memphis Grizzlies – Dwayne Wade

It hurts, they come that close of landing the first overall pick, and now Detroit is enjoying the lucks of the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies will settle with Wade, an superb but undersize scorer as their shooting guard. It will be an update over Michael Dickerson, and they could have an line up of Gasol, Swift, Mike Miller, Wade and J-Dubb, maybe the first realistic playoff run in franchise history?

Orlando Magic – Luke Ridnour

The Magics needs a point guard, and Luke Ridnour is the best one available, they could also go for a centre such as Podkolzine. But with aging Armstrong, a good point guard would probably do them more goods.

Boston Celtics – Sofoklis Schortsanitis

If they are going to ship Antoine Walker, Sofoklis is a great replacement for them. That’s assuming they will like JR Bremer take charge in the point guard spot. If they want to keep Walker, then they will go for Marcus Bank or Reece Gaines, but Sofoklis would be really hard to give up specially he’s dropped that low.

Phoenix Suns – Pavel Podkolzine

They have a power forward, a small forward, a point guard, and a alright shooting guard, so what’s left. They NEED a centre, Pavel is the best choice, you don’t see a 17 year old, 7-4, 300 pound athlete that often, so this is the best upgrade Phoenix possible.

New Orleans Hornets – Reece Gaines

Remember the trouble they ran into when Baron Davis got injured, now this time the Hornets get smart, and get themselves a back up point guard who could step up anytime.

Utah Jazz – Boris Diaw

Calbert Cheaney is not going to work as their starting shooting guard. Getting Diaw as a potential star and a great defensive stopper can probably help to Jazz remain competitive for one more season. Also look for them to get a point guard such as Marcus Banks incase they don’t get Andre Miller.

Boston Celtics – Marcus Banks

Ok, maybe they are not keen on having Delk and Bremer running the point, so they got a real point guard. Also look for them to get Travis Outlaw as a athletic back up over Eric Williams, but don’t they have Kedrick Brown who’s pretty much the same style as Outlaw?

Atlanta – Carlos Delfino

They need defense, BIG TIME! So the best thing for them to do is go get a Ginobili clone, who does sooo many things, so well.

New Jersey – Anderson Varejao

With Krstic coming, they don’t need another centre, so they would take the best prospect possible with Varejao, who could also use as a back up to Martin. One consider a lottery pick, Varejao’s stock is dropping big time. Could be a steal for the Nets, and rumors are he still has contract with his European team, so the Nets could keep him in Europe and give him time to mature

Portland – James Lang

Their only weakness is probably centre, potential along, Lang belongs to the first round, so the Blazer take a risk here. What do they have to lose anyways? You think Lang is actually going to get playing time?

LA Lakers – David West

YES! Finally the Lakers can get rid of Mark Madsen, or at least not starting him. West could step in and he’s no doubt the best power forward in that team, if Horry leaves.

Sacramento Kings - Zarko Cabarkapa 6-11

Another great European prospect, keeps the Yugo link in that team. This team is deep enough that they really need any kind of upgrade, but a back up power forward would come handy if Webber goes out with another injury

T-Wolves – Jameer Nelson

Troy Hudson is more like a shooting guard, so with their only first round in 4 years, the Wolves go for a point guard, a pretty good one.

Memphis Grizzlies – Marcus Moores

Simply a back up to Jason Williams, also look for them to go with a big man such as Pachulia

San Antonio - Zaur Pachulia

With Robinson retiring, a back up centre would be handy.

Dallas Mavericks – Travis Outlaw

First, he’s too good of an athlete to give up, but after what ppl see from Miles after all these days, this type of athlete’s stock is dropping a big. But with Finley aging, the Mavs add another exciting young talent.

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I think you missed Seattle's second pick.

It should go Seattle, Memphis, Seattle, Orlando.

They could very well go Sweetney, and grab Ridenour with their second pick, getting the big man and pg they need.
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