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Tom Tolbert

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Tommy T. has a talk-show in the Bay Area which I listened to on the way home, he said he felt that the Lakers received 95% of all the calls in their favor.

Was there any doubt who Tommy T. was rooting for?

a caller told him that Sacramento shot 21 more free throws in the 7 games. Tommy T. was silent

On another talk-show in the Bay Area an ESPN writer named Wiley said that Sacramento out played the Lakers and that now the bully has seen their own blood. He said the Lakers have three players. He said players like Richmond, Hunter and Walker were basically garbage and contributed nothing. He said Sacramento only has to find tune that team and next year the tables will turn.

I say that there is a lot of bull **** flying around, I do not understand why people have such disdain for Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers? All of these players are good family people, they never put down other players or teams and they respect each other. They are not arrested for drugs, fast women or bouts with the law.

why is it then that they are hated so much, I don't understand that mentality!
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This thread is a perfect example of what I like to see...good honest hatred! :laugh:

Seriously, if this thread was on the Laker board on (well-known, well-worn fan site :D ), it would have been edited beyond repair. It's okay to smack each other a little bit, but not too long as there are no personal attacks, and ultimate respect between posters, it's okay... :yes:
By the way, did any of you catch Tom Tolbert's act on CNBC after the game yesterday?

The boob was actually giving an opinion on who he believed was going to win the fight tonight...the dumbass can't even figure out who's going to win a basketball series!
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