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Tom Tolbert

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Tommy T. has a talk-show in the Bay Area which I listened to on the way home, he said he felt that the Lakers received 95% of all the calls in their favor.

Was there any doubt who Tommy T. was rooting for?

a caller told him that Sacramento shot 21 more free throws in the 7 games. Tommy T. was silent

On another talk-show in the Bay Area an ESPN writer named Wiley said that Sacramento out played the Lakers and that now the bully has seen their own blood. He said the Lakers have three players. He said players like Richmond, Hunter and Walker were basically garbage and contributed nothing. He said Sacramento only has to find tune that team and next year the tables will turn.

I say that there is a lot of bull **** flying around, I do not understand why people have such disdain for Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers? All of these players are good family people, they never put down other players or teams and they respect each other. They are not arrested for drugs, fast women or bouts with the law.

why is it then that they are hated so much, I don't understand that mentality!
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Umm no. Ball wasn't even inbound when that play with Bibby happened. The sequence was like this. Kobe gets away from Bibby, ball is inbound and some other guy fouls Kobe intentionally to send him to FT line. Remember ?
Originally posted by KiDcRaWfOrD
What are you talking about?!?

The Lakers were inbounding the ball, not Christie... :rolleyes:
Please stop rolling those eyes and read what Jemel wrote carefully. What Jemel is saying is that Kobe was fouled by Christy after the ball was inbounded.

Originally posted by KiDcRaWfOrD
Contrary to popular belief, you can be called for a foul before the ball is in play, and Bibby was called for that foul when he tried to hook Kobe to keep his balance....
Popular belief ? Who said you can't be called for a foul before the ball was inbounded. Stop making stuff up. You sound like Jim Gray, lol. Yes, foul *CAN* be called before the ball was inbounded but it WASN'T. What they called was an intentional foul on Christy to send Kobe to FT line. I agree with you that the foul should have been called before the ball was inbounded but not on Kobe. It should have been called on Bibby for grabing Kobe around his waste. Or did you *conveniently* miss that ? ;)
Originally posted by KiDcRaWfOrD
anyone who watched the play could see that Bibby hooked Kobe after he was elbowed so that he could keep his balance.... I didn't conveniantly leave out anything. If you would take off your Lakers goggles long enough, you would admit that Kobe was the initiator.
You're beyond help my friend. You just refuse to understand anything we are trying to say. Your problem is that you have the sequence of events wrong. Bibby grabs Kobe FIRST then Kobe elbows him ACCIDENTALLY while trying to free himself from that HOLD by Bibby.

I have the tape to prove it, but you will still refuse to believe it anyways. So I am moving on. Have a nice offseason. ;)
No baiting here and your comment about "class" doesn't bother me one bit. It's an internet message board for crying out loud. i need not impress you with my "class". My offseason comment still applies to you unless you're a Nets fan. This is my last post in this thread as I have already said I am moving on.
Hmmm...forums change but some things never change :no:

What was it that you said "I thought we were trying to keep the rude trolls off of this board...?" How do you make that kind of comment and resort to name calling ? :confused: Just a case of pot calling kettle ?

I am trying to leave this thread but you're making it very hard for me, sir.
Originally posted by KiDcRaWfOrD
Just talk ball...
Practice what you preach and it'll be all right.
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