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Tommorow Begins the True Test for the Nets

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Tommorow could either destory our confidence or bring up our confidence....
Its going to be a very tough week for the Nets. I wish for luck tommorow... I hope that the Fantastic Four Kidd Vince Nenad Jefferson score big for the next few games... Carter better score at least more than 30..... Our bench better play like its a game 7 of the playoffs.... i hope they all get the magic hot shots tommorow..... Dirk and Van Horn will both go down tommorow....

Dallas,Phoenix,Memphis,Detriot,and the Timberwolves....

Its time to prove ourselves tommorow by pushing beyong our limits.... best wishes for the Nets.... Lets humiliate the Dallas Mavs in front of NATIONAL tv.... hopefully when playoffs come.... since ABC is the home of the NBA finals.... welll I guess you know what I mean
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yaa its a pretty hectic week comin up.. only can hope for the best
If Curly continues his onslaught... we have the chance to sweep this week..
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