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I cant believe the BEST TE in Pro Football wants to play for the Heat!

The 6'5 Gonzalez,a three-time Pro Bowl TE with the Chiefs,told the Kansas City Star on Thursday that he plans to attend a Miami Heat tryout camp.The camp is for draft picks and free agents.

"Its a pretty BIG deal",Gonzalez told the Star.I've got to go there and not get cut.

As a football player,Gonzalez is in limbo.According to the Star,the Chiefs WONT sign him to a multi-year deal between now and July 15 because,under rules of collective bargaining agreement,they would be unable to lable anyone else a franchise player during the length of Gonzalez contract.

Gonzalez agent,Tom Condon,and Chiefs president Carl Peterson recently were involved in a much-publicized spat over Gonzalez's contract situation.

Gonzalez told The Star on Thursday that he plans on going to Miami in early July to begin working out.About 15 players are expected at the tryout camp,and coach Pat Riley will select about 12 to play in a summer-league camp in Orlando that tips off on July 9.

The summer league could overlap with the start of Chiefs training camp,which starts July 25.

My situation with the Chiefs right now,I really dont know whats going on,Gonzalez told the Star.Its time to stay busy and stay in shape so when I do hit the field,I can hit it flying and be in shape.

Gonzalez played college basketball at California and has often spoke of his desire to play in the NBA.However,he is quick to say that football is still his #1 sport.

"There's no way I'm going to give up football," Gonzalez told the Star."Football is my thing.Thats what I do well.Thats what I enjoy doing.I would never give up.

But (trying out for the Heat) is something Im definitely killing two birds with one stone.Not only am I staying in shape,which is preparing for football,but Im out there doing something I love to do,playing basketball,and Im also exploring the possibility of trying to play both sports and be the first person to do it.Im not going to let basketball interfere with football.If I happen to get a (Chiefs) contract signed,I would leave the Heat right away and show up and get football started.

Gonzalez played two games in the Los Angeles summer league last year before reporting to the Chiefs.He also was on a tentative list of free agents to work out at the Raptors tryout camp this spring but was a no-show.

"The fact that hes a fine basketball player is one of his great attributes as a football player," Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil told the Star."Hes and NFL football player.Hes not kidding himself.He knows that.He and I have talked about that.

"He likes to play basketball.Some guys like to play Golf.I dont get upset about that.There's to many other things to get upset about.

In college Gonzalez averaged 6.4 points and 4.3 rebounds over three seasons.

"There arent a lot of openings for 6'5 PF in the NBA,"Marty Blake,the NBA's director of scouting,told the Star.But if he wants to do it and somebody's willing to give him a chance,God bless.

Heat spokesman Rob Wilson told the Star that he could not comment on or verify Gonzalez's presence at the camp.

Id LOVE to see Tony-G in a Heat uni!:D

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He won't make the team.

He's even publicly stated that Football is his priority no matter what.

I'm thinking that he's just trying to get on someone's Summer League Roster, and Miami is the random team selected.

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How does this make Brian Grant expendable???He is like 6-4. Anyways Tony isn't that good at basketball. At Cal he averaged like 4ppg.

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Re: ???

Originally posted by IMX
How does this make Brian Grant expendable???He is like 6-4. Anyways Tony isn't that good at basketball. At Cal he averaged like 4ppg.

I guess it doesn't. I thought maybe his main purpose was to play basketball, because he has turned down the Chiefs offer time after time after time...
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