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well i assume its obvious and everyone knows we have nothing to look forward to in the 05 draft since we have ZERO picks in both rounds (courtesy of deng + bryce drew) and im still wondering why we didnt trade FW for any 2nd rounder at all or at least try to instead of doing nothing/letting him rot?!?!

i wanted either alan anderson (strong, good defender + good FT) which could have been likely...or a bit more UNLIKELY hodge but i wont get into it (already much discussion on hodge)

so i went ahead and looked in the 06 draft for our potential future SG....

only to find out we have no 2nd rounder in 06 either (duh forgot bout drew again) but here are still some names:

Brandon Roy: Strengths: Silky smooth swingman… Let's the game come to him…Very smart player … Extremely athletic and deceptively quick… Has the skill set to play multiple positions… Gets to the hoop and finishes well… Always in the right place at the right time… Defensive stopper… Has long arms and is always in the passing lanes… Locks up opposing teams best player… Sees the floor well and is very unselfish… Explosive… Plays hard all the time and has no problem banging down low with the big guys… Good at positioning himself for rebounds… Has the physical abilities and overall knowledge of the game to be a contributor at the next level…

Weaknesses: Would be a perfect SF if he had another 2 inches... At 6-6 Roy doesn't really have a position… Lacks the handle needed to play guard… A bit of a tweener… Like a lot of collegiate players his jumper needs work… Does everything well but doesn't stand out at any one thing…

also would consider denham brown from uconn and azubuike- both 6-5 and 220 although dunno bout their defense...

and pax....y so romain sato?! he has long arms, compared to mitch richmond on plus he has the 'pax' attitude and is coachable....rather try him out than have FW...and we even brought sato in for workouts prior to 04 draft...
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