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top 10 players in league in 5 years

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1.Kobe Bryant
3.Tim Duncan
4.Darius Miles
5.Lebron James
6.Tyson Chandler
7.Jason Williams
9.Baron Davis
10.Jonathan Bender
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Bender over Curry Gasol Kmart and Dre Miller, No way
You're forgetting guys like Jermaine O'Neal, Vince Carter, and Iverson (he'll still be in the league)
1. Duncan he'll be what?? 30? hes the second most dominating force today and has a more complete game then shaq, once shaq is gone, there will be noone big enough and skilled enough to hang with duncan.

T2. Tmac he'll be 27 i think, already so good, he will only be better in 5 years

T2. Kobe he'll be 28, put up near same stats as mcgrady now and has shaq on his team, should be interesting watching him Tmac and pierce all try to be the best perimiter player around.

T2. Pierce he'll be older or as old as kobe, but he scores in a variety of ways and has IMO superior defense to kobe or Tmac, may lack the passing skills of the other two though.

5. Franchise he will be a primier scorer and will also have a very well rounded game to go along with it, 25 7 and 7 is not too big a reach.

T6. KG in 5 years hell be a 12 year vet wont he? should be still holdin it down with 20+ 10 and 5 in 5 ears seein how hell be 30 i think.

T6. Dirk will score more then KG and might be near the league leaders in rebounds someday but his game as a whole will not be as complete as KGs but the fact that he is an unstoppable offensive machine will put him up here.

T6. Gasol put up ridiculous numbers for soeone so young and so (supposedly) immature physically for the league. could be a top 3 player in 5 years but probably around this position, kinda a dirk KG mix with some defensive skills but not kg amount and great offense just not dirk like

T6. Brand yeah im sure ill be criticized for this (and gasol probably too) but he is one of the top rebounders in the league already and it was only his third year, is a beast and with possible averages of 25 and 12 should be a cornerstone for some team.

T10. Kidd(willbe getting up there but will still run a team well) Iverson(wont be too old but will his body hold up enough to keep him great) Vince (great scorer and highlight reel but will he ever be a very complete player?) Bibby (if playoff performance holds up, could be the premier scorer and crunch time performer under 6'6 for years to come) Miles ( great defense, offense should come along and just great athleticism) Dunleavy and Wilcox (the stars of this years draft class)
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Here's how I see it. These aren't in any order. It might be easier to break it down by position.

Top 2 PG's
1. Jason Williams
2. Baron Davis

Top 2 SG's
1. Tracy McGrady
2. Jason Richardson

Top 2 SF's
1. Kobe Bryant
2. Lebron James

Top 2 PF's
1. Chris Webber
2. Kevin Garnett

Top 2 C's
1. Michael Olowokandi
2. Jermaine O'Neal (could be the top PF too)
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1. Francis
2. Baron

1. Kobe
2. Jonathan Bender

1. Lebron James
2. T-Mac

1. Duncan
2. J. O'Neal

1. Shaq
2. who knows
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DAMNIT! I forgot all about Kevin Garnett. Looks like I'll have to make SF
1. Garnett
2. James
Eddy Curry
Tim Duncan

----Power Forward----
Jermaine O'Neal
Dirk Nowitzki

---Small Forward---
Kevin Garnett
Vince Carter

--Shooting Guard--
Kobe Bryant
Tracy McGrady

-Point Guard-
Baron Davis
Stephon Marbury
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You guys are crazy to be putting Bender up there.The
dude didn't even have a better season than Dermarr
did.C'mon guys if Bender couldn't outplay Dermarr
(Probably a bust)then noway he is that good in
5 years.
5 years

Tim Duncan
Dirk Nowitzki
Darius Miles
Tracy McGrady
Paul Pierce
Kobe Bryant
Jermaine O'neal
Tyson Chandler
LeBron James
Yao Ming (order to close to call)
next in line
Jayson Williams
Elton Brand
Rashard Lewis
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PG:Steve Francis
PG:Baron Davis

SG:Kobe Bryant

SF:paul Pierce

PF:Jermaine O'Neal

C:Tim Duncan
C:Eddy Curry
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PG: Baron Davis/ Jamaal Tinsley

SG:T-Mac/ Lebron James

SF:pau Gasol/ Jonathan Bender

PF:Jermaine O'Neal/ Elton Brand

C:Tim Duncan/ eddy Curry

Remeber the league will be a lot different in five years. And in reply to the Dermarr, Bender comparison, I think that comnparison is not right because Atlanta played Dermarr more because they were not in the playoff hunt. Indiana did not have time to develop Bender and he did not get consistent minutes while Dermarr was starting the second half of the season.
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That's not right

Look at the mins.

Also Bender has one more NBA season under his belt,
he has had Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas as head coaches
while Dermarr has had Lon

Bender has one more season under his belt,and he has
had alot better coaches than Dermarr Johnson has.Dermarr
is also alot better defensive player than Bender is.

Look at how Dermarr shutdown Kedrick Brown...30 minutes,
3 points on 1-8 shooting and Brown was looking like
MVP of the league until DJ shut him down.

They played the same ammount of mins and Bender
has ALOT better teachers than Dermarr has.

Dermarr didn't get consisant minutes the first half
either.He did start producing more in the second
half and pulled in a few 20 point games aswell.

Right now Bender is no better and I've seen Bender
alot and he has never impressed me and DJ doesn't
impress me that much to be honest.Right now I'd
call them both busts.

Even though we wasn't playing for the playoffs this
team played HARD the second half.They played in
a manner in which they had a chance.I wanted them
to go ahead and go for the lotto pick and take Caron
Butler to start at SF with DJ/JT/SAR/Theo.

The compare is far due to Bender having better coaching
and a years experience.I know DJ played a year of college,
but college is different from the NBA...It's alot different than
one more season of NBA experience.

I'm not even happy with Dermarr right now so I am being
str8 up with you.
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Bender has more potential.I will say that.

IF Dermarr reaches his potential the best he
would be is Sean Elliot and Sean was a
good player and probably a 4 time allstar had
he not got injured,but Bender has more potential
than that.

I will admit I'd love to have a young Sean Elliot
with JT/Reef/Theo,but I don't know if DJ will
reach his potential.
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Of all the current non-superstars in the NBA Jonathan Bender has the most potential. Look for a breakout season this year. Also, how comes all this Bender hype is crap but the Darius Miles hype is ok? WTF has Miles ever done? I'm suppose to think Miles is a greta player just because he did a magazine ad with Q? I dont think so, Benders got much more potential than Miles. You all will see, I'm always right. Bender 2002-2003 M.I.P future - Superstar in 3 years
I like to the have potential on the team as extra,
but as I am sure you can tell I am not a believer of
potential until it actually happens.

I never said anything about beliving the Darius
Miles hype either.

I think to many guys claim to many players with
decent hype are gunna turn into superstars.As
many potential "superstars"as we have in the
league it seems like every team should have
atleast 5 or 6 future superstars.

I just think it gets alittle old everyone claiming
half the leagues young guys are gunna develop
into superstars when it isn't gunna happen.

I'm not saying which all ones will become busts.But
i will quickly say Dermarr will not reach his potential
because he is a unagressive player.He has the talent
but severally lacks agggression.
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Bender has potential but not more than Miles. Miles is compared to top NBA superstars who is Bender compared to??? Miles is younger than Bender by 9 months and has done more in two NBA seasons than Bender has is 3. And don't you people give me that crap that Bender isn't getting PT. It's not anybodys fault but his, you have to earn your PT. Miles is ans will be the better of the two.
These are the list of guys I here will all become

Darius Miles
Dermarr Johnson
Dan Dickau-The next Stockton.hahahaha
Q Richardson
Caron Butler
Ricky Davis
Rashard Lewis
Eddie Griffin
Jermanie O'Neal
Keyon Dooling
Jay Williams
Jamal Crawford
Tyson Chandler
Eddy Curry
LaBron James
Rodney White
Yao Ming
Ak47 Andrei Kerilenko
Drew Gooden
Jason Richardson
Mike Dunleavy Jr

Not 1/4 of those guys are going to become as good as
people think they are going to become.

I just wished people would stop it.
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IMX Potential NBA Superstars...

Out of your list I can only see these players becoming NBA Superstars:

Darius Miles
Quentin Richardson
Dajuan Wagner
Ricky Davis
Eddie Griffin
Jermanie O'Neal
Tyson Chandler
Eddy Curry
LeBron James
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C Shaq(and yes he'll still be around), Duncan
PF Brand, Gasol,
SF Garnett, Odom
SG Kobe, T-Mac, Lebron James
PG Baron Davis
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