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Top 10 Plays Of The Year

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Vince Carter got #8 I think
and Keon Clark got #3 for that AMAZING dunk he did over Shawn Bradley.
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Re: is wack

Originally posted by <b>Macmac</b>!
The Courtside Countdown is so wack...i aint biased or anything...but i do know good dunks when i see them...and i can name 3 dunks from Vince that could be in the top 3...

1-Vince over Wallace ( from so far off 2 feet...sick...and he actually went by him in midair)
2-Vince over Divac ( comon...if u guys were watching the game, u'd know this dunk was was so unexpected...Vince gets the pass, spins aroung a Sacramento player, and then rises quickly to throw it down with 2 hands over Divac...plain NASTY )
3-Vince over Nowitzki ( this was the most acrobatic dunk of the season...unless u consider Keon's layup on Dirk a dunk....anyways, this dunk was's a picture of it )
There are more great plays than just dunks...

Anyways, here's the list from

10.) Darvin Ham misses FT and hits a 3P shot at the buzzer.
9.) Kidd-to-Martin alley-oop
8.) Vince Carter reverse layup in traffic.
7.) Tracy McGrady self alley-oop at All-Star game.
6.) Larry Hughes to Jason Richardson dunk on the fastbreak.
5.) Kidd alley-oop to Martin off the glass.
4.) McGrady dunks with 1 hand and holds on to the rim while drawing the foul.
3.) Keon Clark "dunk" over Shawn Bradley
2.) Michael Jordan block/steal off the glass.
1.) Reggie Miller 40-foot shot to send the game into OT.
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