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I'll do a list for every position over the next few weeks. Anyway, he is my lists for the top point guards for the 2003 draft. Obviously this is open for debate and I encourage you to reply. I have left off foreign players since I usually have trouble keeping up.

1. Julius Hodge 6'5" 185 PG/SG NC State So.- GM's love tall points and Hodge is not only tall but athletic and skilled. His outside shot is a little suspect (although not nearly as suspect as Bozeman's) and he showed great control and leadership last year. He pretty solid at keeping the turnovers down and not making bad plays, too.

Pick Range: 8th-15th

2. Chris Duhon 6'1" 190 PG Duke Jr. - I slide him ahead of Hinrich because I think he has a more athleticism and more potential. He is a good defender and playmaker who sets up his teammates well. He has yet to demostrate great scoring ability but he has a solid outside shot and is pretty athletic. He has a chance to really show his stuff this year at Duke

Pick Range: 10th - 18th

3. Kirk Hinrich 6'3" 185 Kansas Sr. - Incredible outside shooter who also a good playmaker and a threat to take the ball to the basket. Has proven he can play very well in an up tempo system despite not being an incredible athlete. Not a good leaper and he isn't going to dunk over you. Defensively he is underrated but still isn't in Duhon's class.

Pick Range - 13th - 25th

4. Reece Gaines 6'6" 185 Louisville PG Sr. - Has all the tools to be a top 10 pick but consistencty has really hurt him. Very athletic and quick. Is able to effectively guard smaller points and is a very effective three point shooter despite taking a lot of poor shots. Not a power point and he will need to bulk up. Playmaking skills are questionable but he is a very good passer. Off the court problems are concerns.

Pick Range 15th - 40th

5. Luke Ridnour 6'2" 170 Oregon Jr. - Another good shooter who is also a very good play maker. Like Hinrich, he isn't a great athlete but he plays with a great knowledge of the game. Undersized and he will need to add strength. Shouldn't be billed as the next John Stockton but if he becomes a great NBA point, it will have to be in the same style as Stockton.

Pick Range - 18th - 35th

6. Cedric Bozeman 6'6" 180 UCLA PG So. - Very quick for his size and has good overall athleticism. Playmaking skills are solid although he will need to improve on his ball handling and work on cutting down on turnovers. Very heady player with the drive and is effective a creating his shot when he wants too. Struggles from long range which limits his drives. Could be a lottery pick down the road but I don't see it this year.

Pick Range - 20th - 40th

7. Troy Bell 6'0" 180 Boston College PG Sr. - Athletic point who is a good outside shooter and can provide instant offense. Size is an issue and he doesn't always get his teammates involved like he could. Defensively he is limited because of size but he has good quickness and can create turnovers with his hands. Has proven he can hit clutch shots and is a wonderful free throw shooter.

Pick Range - 25th - 45th

8. Raymond Felton 6'0" 190 North Carolina PG Fr. - Athletic playmaker who has great court vision and gets his teammates involved very well. Outside shot is suspect but when his shot is on, he is very difficult to guard. Needs more experience and will benefit from 2 or 3 years of college.

Pick Range - 25th - 50th

9. Marcus Hatten 6'2" 180 St. John's PG Sr. - Has yet to see a shot he didn't think he could take. A gunner who could provide scoring for an NBA team but his playmaking skills need improvement. Has some potential since he is athletic and has a solid outside shot. Hasn't always been involved with great coaching so he could produced in a couple of years down the line. Will he suffer the same fate as another JUCO transfer Maurice Baker?

Pick Range - 30th-50th

10. TJ Ford 5'11" 160 Texas PG So. - How can such a small point have so much potential? Well, he has absurbed quickness and amazing ball handling skills. He is a big man's best friend and an opposing coaches nightmare. However until he develops his jump shot he won't see the floor in the NBA. He also might have to fight off Jason Gardner, who is a much better shooter and has more experience, to get drafted.

Pick Range - 30th - 55th

Other Guys (No Order)

Marcus Moore 6'6" 180 Washington St. Jr.
Jason Gardner 5'10" 175 Arizona Sr.
Brandon Knight 6'0" 180 Pittsburgh Sr.
Steve Blake 6'3" 170 Maryland Sr.
Brett Nelson 6'3" 175 Florida Sr.
Jonathan Hargett 5'11" 180 So.
Aaron Miles 6'1" 180 Kansas So.
Chris Thomas 6'1" 170 Notre Dame So.
Maurice Williams 6'1" 185 Alabama So.
Hollis Price 6'1" 170 Oklahoma Sr.

I want Waffles.
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Are u kiddin me? Julis Hodge number 1? And Jason Garnder And Chris Thomas aint even in ur top Ten u are crazy

my top ten
8.Hodges(He aint even that good)

I Really dont think Bell is gonna do anything this year and Felton aint gonna do that good in this Freshman year in UNC and Hatten i dont really like that much

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troy bell AIN"T DOIN NOTHIN in the pros. Too small, too inconsistent, not a leader, can't play defense... I'm a big fan of his, but he's not on my top 10 list. BRANDIN KNIGHT, PEOPLE!! For gods sake, his bro played nba hoops, so he's got a rep, and did u see him in the Big East tourney last year? Almost won it for Pittsburgh with a sprained ankle. One more question: If Julius Hodge is a point guard, then what's Marcus Melvin? A 2? Naw, Hodge is a off-guard or a wing. My top 10 list:

1. Duhon, Duke- great court vision and ball handling. Longest range of any PG I've seen. Possibly a top 10 pick.
2. Hinrich, Kansas- Speedy, great D, athletic, not to mention how he shot and set of Gooden the whole year(s). Maybe a lottery pick.
3. Ridnour, Oregon- Hinrich wannabe
4. MY MAN Brandin Knight, Pitt- He's got a great handle, can score and play great D.
5. Felton, UNC- but he'll take a while. He'll be a lottery pick if he stays for 2
6. Doug Wrenn, Wash- Have you seen this guy play?!?!
7. Hatten, St. John's U- He's got a sweet J and can shoot the trey
8. Surprise pick: Bret Nelson, FLA- He's a great PG who can crash the boards.
9. Hodge, if he's a PG, otherwise #9'd be Steven Blake from U of M.
10. Gardner, AZ- I luv AZ, and Gardner should have left last year

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Hodge is a rail-thin SG/SF prospect. Aaron Miles will be a great college player and pro if he can improve his shot. Gardner isnt top5 PG prospect. The top 5 are:

1. Chris Duhon
2. Kirk Hinrich
3. Luke Ridnour
4. TJ Ford
5. Reece Gaines (could also be listed as a top SG)

these are the top 5 PG prospects for 2003 draft.

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Top 2003 PGs

I've got to think Hollis Price of Oklahoma is top ten. And there's no way Hodge is a point guard. my top ten:

1. duhon
2. hinrich
3. ridnour
4. gaines
5. ford
6. zimmerman
7. gardner
8. price
9. felton
10. nelson

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Since when is Hodge a PG? The only reason I would see putting him there is because he is freaking like 150 lbs, and is skinny as a damn rail!!!!!!! But I hope he has some will power and gets in the weight room a bit and gets bigger. But just because he is skinny doesn't mean he is a PG, Reggie isn't a PG. I don't think Hodge has a good enough handle to play PG and his passing is not great either.

Out of all these guys you listed I think Raymond Felton will be the best one, he is strong in the post, can penetrate, pass, score from anywhere. Good leader and just needs to show it in college for one year, if he does and has a good year he will be gone.

I really like big PG's to but I would take Bozeman and Gaines over Hodge any day as a big PG. I think Hodge is more of a 2 guard that PG.

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1. TJ Ford
2. Chris Duhon
3. Luke Ridnour
4. Kirk Hinrich
5. Jonathan Hargett
6. Cedric Bozeman
7. Jason Gardner
8. Ray Felton
9. Aaron Miles
10. Doug Wrenn

RUSH for Three says Owen
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One good thing about Kirk Hinrich. He can play the two and the three. Aka. Last season, Aaron Miles was so impressive, that Kirk Hinrich had to play the small forward slot while Jeff Boschee was the two guard. The reason why KU was so damn good last season, is that KU had three point guards on the floor the same time.

Ok here is my Top PG's

1-TJ Ford (great guard. should be a top NBA player, but not leaving after this season)
2-Kirk Hinrich (he will play the 2 mostly this season)
3-Jason Gardner (one of the top PG's last season, got to be the3rd)
4-Luke Ridnour (really impress me at the march madness and vs. Kansas)
5-Troy Bell (Always had impressed me. He is a sleeper)
6-Chris Duhon (Not sold on him yet. He played mostly the 2 in college, lets see how he does at the point)
7-Cedric Bozeman (he is a player. He was hurt last season which might hinder his growth, but he has great talent)
8-Julis Hodge (seen him played a couple times)
9-Holis Price (underated. enough said)
10-Brandin Knight (Just like Kirk of Kansas he is the glue for Pitt to keep it toegther)
11-Marcus Hatten ( seen him played once, good player from what I saw)
12-Aaron Miles (watch out he is a player. Always pass first. Reminds me of Vaughn but with a better shot)
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