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Below is my Top 25 Point Guard list. In parenthesis are the players rank from my last Top 25 list (April 22, 2002). HM = Honorable Mention and NR = Not Ranked. Members of the Rockets are in bold. Then there is my Honorable Mention (players 26-30 in alphabetical order), my Top 5 Backups, and my Top 5 Rookies.

<b><u>Top 25 Point Guards:</b></u>
01) Jason Kidd, NJN (1)
02) Gary Payton, SEA (2)
<b>03) Steve Francis, HOU (3)</b>
04) Baron Davis, NOR (5)
05) Andre Miller, LAC (4)
06) Steve Nash, DAL (6)
07) Mike Bibby, SAC (15)
08) Sam Cassell, MIL (10)
09) John Stockton, UTA (9)
10) Stephon Marbury, PHO (7)
11) Jason Terry, ATL (12)
12) Nick Van Exel, DAL (8)
13) Terrell Brandon, MIN (11)
14) Damon Stoudamire, POR (13)
15) Jay Williams, CHI (NR)
16) Darrell Armstrong, ORL (14)
17) Chauncey Billups, DET (21)
18) Eric Snow, PHI (16)
19) Tony Parker, SAS (HM)
20) Jamaal Tinsley, IND (22)
21) Alvin Williams, TOR (19)
22) Derek Fisher, LAL (23)
23) Jason Williams, MEM (17)
24) Bobby Jackson, SAC (25)
<b>25) Moochie Norris, HOU (HM)</b>

<b><u>Honorable Mention:</b></u>
Kenny Anderson, SEA (HM); Chris Childs, NJN (NR); Mark Jackson, DEN (18); Jeff McInnis, FA (20); Rod Strickland, FA (24)

<b><u>Top 5 Backups:</b></u>
01) Bobby Jackson, SAC
02) Moochie Norris, HOU
03) Chris Childs, NJN
04) Kenny Anderson, SEA
05) Chris Whitney, WAS

<b><u>Top 5 Rookies:</b></u>
01) Jay Williams, CHI
02) Raul Lopez, UTA
03) Dan Dickau, ATL
04) Steve Logan, GSW
05) Mark Jaric, LAC

Yes, please.
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How the hell can you put Jay WIlliams in there?!

First of all he sucked in Summer League, second of all, HE HASNT EVEN PLAYED A GAME YET!

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Tinsley should be higher, Snow should be lower, and Travis Best should be #25. Tim Hardaway should be on the list. Sam Casse should be lower.

Wagner should be #2 for rookies

Nick van Exel also deserves a spot on the top back up list.

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IMX Top 25 Point Guards...

1. Jason Kidd
2. Gary Payton
3. Baron Davis
4. Andre Miller
5. Stephon Marbury
6. Steve Francis
7. John Stockton
8. Steve Nash
9. Mike Bibby
10. Sam Cassell
11. Eric Snow
12. Nick Van Exel
13. Jamaal Tinsley
14. Jeff McInnis
15. Tony Parker
16. Rod Strickland
17. Damon Stoudamire
18. Darrell Armstrong
19. Alvin Williams
20. Bobby Jackson
21. Larry Hughes
22. Jason Williams
23. Chauncey Billups
24. Kenny Anderson
25. Mark Jackson

Top 5ive Rookie Point Guards...
1. Jay Williams
2. Dan Dickau
3. Marko Jaric
4. Ronald Murray
5. Raul Lopez

Beware of Elbows
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OMG! That list is biased to the fact that Moochie Norris is on there! Moochie isn't better than any of the starting 29 NBA PGs. Except maybe Mark Jackson.

Jay Williams sucked in the SL, and hasn't played a game yet.

Everyone should be one place up, except for Norris and Williams, who should be taken out and replaced on the list.

Jeff McInnis and Kenny Anderson should be on there instead.

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1-5 I are close to the way I'd have them I'd switch Dre to 3 Franchise to 4 and Baron to 5. I think Marbury should be 7 and Bibby should be 9 and Stock to 10. Terry plays an undersized 2 but is still not a very good PG. Van Exel is too old, Brandon is always injured, Jay Williams is a rookie, Eric Snow#18???? My 25 is as follows:

---------------------TOP 25 PG--------------------

3.Dre Miller
5.Baron Davis
6.Steve Nash
7.Stephon Marbury
8.Sam "The alien" Cassell
9.Mike Bibby
10.John Stockton
11.Damon Stoudamire
12.Darrell Armstrong
12.Jason Williams(mem)
13.Jamal Tinsley
14.Tony Parker
15.Chauncey Billups
16.Terrell Brandon
17.Nick Van Exel
18.Jason Terry
19.Jay Williams(potentially)
20.Derek Fisher
21.Eric Snow
22.Kenny Anderson
23.Jeff McInnis
24.DaJaun Wagner
25.Larry Hughes

HM-Alvin Williams, Charlie Ward, Moochie Norris, Gilbert Arenas, Travis Best, Rod Strickland

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That is true. He was offered a starting job by many teams but decided to stay in Houston.

Yes, please.
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I would take out GS and Wash...

Golden State is tryin to develop Arenas and I dont think Moochie would start on the Wizards, already too much of a logjam there.

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Re: Re: Moochie Would Start For:

Originally posted by HAWK23

he would start in Toronto over Alvin Williams also

Lenny wouldn't allow that. Lenny loves Alvin and Lenny is the one that chose Alvin to start and is grooming Alvin. Moochie is on the same talent level if not higher but Lenny is in love with Alvin so it wouldn't happen.

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Well right now they are about even. Baron Davis gets 18 points 9 assists, Andre Miller get 16 points 11 assists. But, I think that Andre has peaked and will not get any better than he already is, while Baron is still a long way from reaching his potential.

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i dno if id say baron is a better all around point then miller, miller averages more assists and rebounds(i think) i think they are about even and along with francis those three are the 3 best oug poiunt guards in the game(you could make a case for marbury since hes only as old as muille rreally, but hes been in the league 6 seasons or so, so im not countin him.)

and moochie would start on a lot of teams what about atlanta? they need a starting point, orlando?? armstrong is too old, and now minnesota now that brandon wants to come off the bench. moochie is good
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