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Originally posted by TheRifleman
Hunter is a 2 guard and a 6'2" 2 guard! He can't shoot unless he is wide open and he has averaged 3 WHOLE assists per game lifetime - as a supposed PG. To me, he is not a back up anything.

To my way of viewing this "trade", the Lakers made out like bandits!
So what he averaged 3 assits. I think the Raptors got the better end of the deal for a simple reason. Tracy Murray has no up-side IMO if he's on fire he wont miss but when he is off trust me he couldent finish a lay-up.

Chucky Atkins started for the Detroit Pistons who won the Central division and only averaged 3 assits. Does that make him a bad point guard?. Hunter does not have to average any assits that's not what he's here for, He is in Toronto to give leadership to a fairly young team, He is there to give Alvin a rest and to not make any rookie mistakes that a Dikau or Williams would have.

That part is a givin as far as who is gonna be better Jeffries or Rush I'm not saying anything till I have seen the play for a couple of years. This trade was much better for the Raptors then people are giving them credit for.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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