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Toronto Raptors BBQ

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Well guys to not bore ourselves to death, I'll allow this temporary BBQ for the rest of the offseason. No Raptors talk, just go off about whatever... I'll start us off. :D

Ahh yesterday I basically killed the day, played a little basketball, but was on the comp most of the time. Today I went out downtown with a friend of mine, down to Dundas and Queen St. W., where she dragged me into a bunch of clothing stores. :sigh: :D Anyway it was my fourth time downtown this month, and we're going to the jazz festival together also. But other than going downtown, all summer I've been practicing basketball - my shot's improving, BMXing - I can FINALLY bunnyhop! Writing more songs, and just going on the computer, posting here and on (that's not spam, has nothing to do with basketball :D)

Anyway, what have you guys been doing this summer?
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Damn! I live in Woodbridge too!
:gbanana: :wbanana: :rbanana:
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