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Tra Thomas out fo the season


The hits keep coming for the Eagles, who placed left tackle Tra Thomas on Injured Reserve on Friday. The three-time Pro Bowl lineman is slated to undergo lumbar disc surgery. The club also promoted quarterback Andy Hall and guard Scott Young from the practice squad.

But the news of the day was Thomas.

Head coach Andy Reid explained that his surgery is a culmination of recurring problems.

"He has had these things over the years here and it's gotten to the point where he has to get [his lower back] worked on," Reid said. "This past game he felt a little numbness and tingling in his legs, so we sent him to a specialist.

"He visited two of them and is going to have the surgery out in California. Both of them recommended that he have the procedure done."

Reid believes Thomas should be back for the spring mini-camps, but said there's no guarantee the procedure will be the cure-all for Thomas' back problems but it should help.

"It could, but what I have learned here dealing with this is that you are never sure when you are dealing with backs," Reid said. "They feel pretty good about it and we will just have to see how the recovery process goes."
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Kwisatz Haderach
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Re: Tra Thomas out fo the season

This is usual, when teams are going down the tubes players start jumping on IR, get ready for a boatload more in the upcoming weeks. If we drop enough games maybe we could get this bad boy..

And he could be our starting LT for years to come.
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