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No it would prolly NEVER happen, but im bored

Antawn Jamison, Erick Dampier,

Antonio Davis. Alvin Williams, Yogi Stewart,

Why GS would do it

AD gets to go back home and GS gets a legit starting PG. AD gets to tutor Troy Murphy into being a good PF. They get rid of 2 of their biggest contracts. Jamison isnt worth the max. Dampier needs to go because he isnt worth his contract. GS wouldstart Foyle. The Warriors will not make the playoffs this year, and they need to rebuild the team around J-Rich and Dunleavy. The 1st Rd pick could be used to pick a center, like Harrison or Marcus.

C- Foyle
SF- Dunleavy
SG- J-Rich
6th man - Fortson

Why TOR would do it

TOR gets Jamison who belongs in the east. Jamison cant play PF in the West, and he can be the 2nd option that Toronto needs. Him and VC can wreak havoc on opposing defenses. Dampier is needed to guard the big C's who the Raps will need to deal with when they face Western teams. After all, He is better than Montross. Dampier will be the center that could fill Keon Clark's shoes. He can learn from Olajuwon. The Raps have a younger team and a core that they can build around that includes VC, Antawn, Mo Pete and Damp. The Raps now need a PG, but itll be ok because good teams dont really need a PG who makes a big impact. A good PG helps tho, and the Raps will get him eventually

C- Dampier
PF- Jamison
SF- Mo-Pete
PG- Hunter (needs to be addressed)
6th man - Jerome Williams

works out for both teams who need to rebuild, cut salary and build around superstars/potential superstars at SG and SF
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