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I was thinking of a Dale and Damon trade as well...

In my limited mind, if there is a GS rumor still... how about this ?

NVE for Damon straight up...

problem being, if NVE does retire, we owe him for three years not the 1 if he just opted out... :confused:

or better yet add other players to it...

Damon and Davis and maybe Q for NVE and Dampier????

NVE and Erick have 3 years potentially on the books. Yes, they can opt out this year.

Damon and Dale only have 2 years left.. expediating GS salary dump still by one year..
providing NVE and Erick do not opt out this year. I think the $ may keep them the full 3 years... meaning GS still saves $ by a whole year... a (2x) 3 years of contract = 6, down to (2x) 2 years = 4

if NVE and Dampier decide to then opt out from Portland.. Portland gets a year ahead on Dale and Damon's salary off the books... :whoknows:

Portland could conceivably get the Damon/Dale money off the books this year if NVE and Erick opt out in this trade scenario...
Nash could be exec of the year if he pulls this off...

Would GS do a NVE/Dampier for Damon/Dale swap???
Talent wise? $ wise I think they would
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