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I copied and posted my original thread from the rumors board and put it here. So disregard any questions i had for Laker fans.

Would really appreciate some feedback on this trade idea from Cavs and Laker fans.

Lakers trade:

Cavs trade:
Eric Williams
Tony Battie
Carlos Boozer

Works salary cap wise btw.

Cavs new lineup:

(free agent),Sampson

Lakers new lineup:

(Free agent),Fisher

First let me begin by saying. This trade would take place over the summer. Regardless if the Lakers if the Lakers win the title or not. Im one of those Laker fans that has a feeling that the Lakers may have to make major changes if they want to keep Kobe in a Lakers uni. Payton and Karl more than likely wont be back. The Lakers have yet to offer Shaq a contract extension. I believe that's happened for a reason. Shaq has 2 or 3 really solid seasons left in him. I dont believe the Lakers want to invest too much more money in Shaq.

I believe they will take the steps to rebuild around Kobe. That's why I believe the Lakers would look at a deal such as the one above. Lakers lose the most dominate force in the league. However, they get back nice size in return. Along with youth and upside. Players that would fit Kobe's style of play, IMO.

Cavs do this trade because Shaq would make them immediate contenders. Especially in the East. Shaq would dominate. Lebron would have a great big man to help take pressure off of him. Shaq+Lebron=EVEN BIGGER BOX OFFICE in Cleveland. The Cavs would actually contend for the title for 2 or 3 years to come.

So Cavs fans, would you like a trade like this?

Laker fans, do you think Kobe could lead this group of young guys to the playoffs? Possibly the finals coming out of the tough Western Conf?

One more thing. Laker fans, i checked out the list of free agent point guards for next season. The name that popped out at me was Steve Nash. How would Nash look in the purple and gold?


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I say no. Funny thing is, lately, Shaq has been more fragile than Z. I don't think Shaq has any great motivation to play for Clev, even with LeBron, and if this trade went down, I think he would soon retire. Leave Boozer out of the trade, and I'd do it, but I wouldn't risk losing Z, having Shaq retire AND losing Boozer.

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I'd do it if I thought there was a chance that Shaq would play for the Cavs. I think MongolMike is right. He'd just retire. Though he and Lebron are supposedly pretty close. So maybe he'd play?

If Shaq did retire though, that would be a tremendous contract the Cavs would have off the boards.

And lets say they go to the lottery and get okafor. There's your replacement for Boozer right there.

All of that said. There's no way the Lakers trade Shaq.
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