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Trade Miles

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Do you think they would if there was a good player in return. I do not think they would.
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The Clippers should definetly trade Miles if they can get Baron Davis in return. If they dont trade to get Baron Davis, they have a decent chance to make the playoffs this coming season, but if they get Baron they should easily make the playoffs IMO.

I think the reason a trade has not been done is because the Hornets want to get a good point guard if they lose Davis. Therfore, the Clipps should pull a three-way trade with the Hornets and Cavs.

Clippers get: Baron

Cavs get: Miles and Wilcox

Hornets get: Miller(who is willing to stay in New Orleans, unlike Davis)

The CLippers would have a roster of:

Pg Baron, Jaric, Dooling
Sg Richardson, Piatkowski
Sf Odom, Maggette, Fowlkes
Pf Brand, Ely, Jamison
C Olowakandi, Rooks

I think this team would be a shoe-in to make the playoffs. Chad Ford on espn thinks that they should trade odom instead of miles, but I think they are a better team with Odom. He also thinks that they should also trade Piatkowski and Dooling for Bo Outlaw but im not sure about that.
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I don't think that the Clippers can possibly get Baron Davis without giving up either Miles or Odom. I like the Clippers but I don't think the Hornets would accept any combination of MAggette, Dooling, and a rookie for one of the best point guards in the NBA even if he wont sign an extension.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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