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Trade Miles

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Do you think they would if there was a good player in return. I do not think they would.
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miles has potential but how many years are you gonna wait its been 2yrs so far and will prob take few more yrs he isnt even starting many games still needs to work on jumper,he does have potential but if i can get a proven all-star i would deal him. the idea of maggette and dooling for bdavis,is crazy magette has been a journey man and doolong is getting injured and hasnt proven a thing in the league yet and you think hornets are gonna trade a proven all-star for that? even if they have to trade him b/c he wont resign, by trade deadline someone will definetly offer more than a maggette and dooling(even 1st rndr) clipps need to get going in playoffs b/c if they dont in the next 1-2 yrs you have many free agents who sterling wont pay for and then you'll loose them and be back to same old clipps
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1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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